How to Gig: The HomeZone

Hello! We want to tell you more about the HomeZone, the area marked in blue on your Gig map. 

How it works

You can go anywhere in the U.S., for as short or long a trip as you want, but your Gig must begin and end the trip in its original HomeZone. 

Important things to note: 

  • Park for free in Gig-designated spots within the HomeZone. Check here for parking guidelines
  • Do not park in any no-parking zone, commercial or loading zones, or within 12 hours of city services such as street sweeping. Check out our parking rules before you go.
  • Do not park in spaces that are designated (by name) for car companies other than Gig. You can park in non-brand specific car share parking spaces but you can not park in spaces designated for "Zipcar" or "Car2Go" for example.
  • Gig has special agreements with different cities around parking. Be sure you familiarize yourself with the limitations of the city you’re ending your trip in.
  • You will be charged an Abandoned vehicle fee* if you take a Gig from one HomeZone and end that trip in a different HomeZone.

Where's your HomeZone?

Click here for Seattle.
Click here for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn more

Watch Gig’s how-to videos to learn more: “What is the HomeZone” and “Where to Park.” Watch all of our tutorial videos here.

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