What is Gig?
Gig is a car sharing service from AAA. Get the app, apply for membership, find a nearby car, get in, and go. Keep the car for as long as you want and end your trip by parking anywhere in the car's original HomeZoneLearn more about our Gig cars.
How does Gig work?
Gig works with cities to arrange special parking and free-floating car share agreements. Members can pick up a car in one place and end their trip in another. We call the areas where Gig trips can end HomeZones. We have zones in Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area. You can reserve a car, unlock it and drive it as long as you want, just make sure you end your trip in the original HomeZone. If you’re not ready to end your trip, you can always choose, “Park and Come Back.” Even though we have special super parking permits for some cities, there are still restrictions. You can not park a car in a:
    • handicap spot
    • no-parking spot
    • private or city lot
    • any place with street sweeping, city services, or events in the next 12 hours.
All Gigs must begin and end trips in the original HomeZone. You are not allowed to take a Gig and end the trip from one HomeZone to a different HomeZone. For example, taking a Gig from the Bay Area and ending the trip in Seattle, or taking a Gig from Seattle and ending the trip in Bay Area. If you get a ticket within 12 hours of parking your Gig you will be held responsible. If you are towed or impounded, you will be charged a fine.
What kind of cars do I get to drive?
In the Bay Area and Seattle we have a fleet of Toyota Prius hybrids. With five seats, cargo space, and bike racks, it’s ready for anything, from errands to adventures. All of our cars are automatic transmission. Learn more about our Gig cars. We also have a small electric fleet of Chevy Bolts in the Bay Area. Cars all have five seats, cargo space, bike racks, and automatic transmissions. Gigs are indicated by different pins on the map: a blue pin is a Hybrid Gig, yellow is a discounted Hybrid Gig, and green is an Electric Gig.
How do I sign up?
Download the app and follow the prompts to instantly apply. We need some basic info, a scan of your debit or credit card and driver’s license, and a selfie. The whole process takes less than five minutes. Once you're approved, find a car, get in, and go. We put a $50 hold on your account to verify funds, which drops off in a few days depending on your bank.
What is a Gig Card?
We want to enable you to explore and sometimes that means leaving cell service. For those times you can’t unlock your Gig with a phone because your phone died or you don’t have service you can use a Gig card. After signing up and taking your first trip you can request a Gig Card, which acts as a backup key for locking and unlocking the car if you have poor or no cell service. We’ll send you one, it takes about two weeks. Need one sooner or lost your card? Check out this blog to find out which AAA branches have Gig cards on hand. Just give us a call to activate your card. If you lost your card please call us at (800) 464-0889 so we can cancel your lost Gig card. Check out Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: Gig Cards & Fuel Cards
How do I contact Gig?
We offer 24/7 support to our Members via:
What fees do I pay?
While we charge a $1 Access for on every trip, there are no signup fees, on-going membership fees, or annual charges for Gig. You only pay for your use of the car and a $1 Access fee at the end of each trip (excluding Prepaid Rentals). You are responsible for any tolls on your trip, but we automatically calculate and add them to your account the following week. When you sign up, we verify your credit or debit card with a pre-authorization amount of up to $50. When you start a reservation, we place a pre-authorization hold on your credit or debit card of up to $15 to ensure your card is up-to-date and valid. These pre-authorization holds will fall off your account within 24-72 hours, depending on your bank. We charge additional fees for things like smoking in the car, leaving it messy, and get a parking ticket within 12 hours of your reservation. Find out more on the Rates page, and details are in the Member Agreement.
What is a Gold Discount?
We’ve found a way to make your quickest trips more affordable. Check the app for a ‘Golden Gig,’ marked with a gold symbol on the app. These special Gigs are 10% off.
What is included?
Pretty much everything—every trip includes insurance (restrictions and limitations apply), gas/charging, parking in the HomeZone, maintenance, 24/7 support, and AAA roadside assistance. That being said, if you smoke in the car, leave it messy, or get a parking ticket within 12 hours of your reservations fees apply.
What if I have a lost or found item?
Contact us to report a lost item, and we’ll do our best to help you locate it. Find something left behind by someone else? Stick it in the glove box or trunk, and let us know using the in-app Member Support button, or call (800) 464‑0889. We do our best to keep your belongings safe, but we can’t be responsible for any items that are lost or stolen from our cars.
What is Bluetooth and how does it lock and unlock my Gig?
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a low-power wireless technology used to securely connect your phone to your Gig car. Bluetooth makes locking and unlocking fast and reliable when using the app, especially if you're in an area with poor or no cell service. Bluetooth works best within 30 feet of your Gig car. If you are within 30 feet and are still having trouble, confirm that Bluetooth is turned on and try moving closer to the car. You can also always use your Gig card as a backup key. You don't have to have Bluetooth turned on, but it helps.


Who can join?
To join Gig you must be:
  • at least 18 years old
  • have a valid debit or credit card
  • have a valid driver's license issued by a state in the U.S. that has not been suspended, revoked, expired, surrendered, withdrawn, or otherwise invalidated for any reason
  • have a driving history that meets our requirements, which include not having major driving infractions.
You agree to us accessing and reviewing your consumer reports, including motor vehicle records, to ensure you meet our eligibility criteria.
Can I join if my driver’s license is from outside of U.S.?
Yes! Please provide the following two documents via email ([email protected]) and we will process these within 1-3 days:
  1. A copy (scan or photo is fine) of your international drivers permit and current foreign license or a copy of your international driver's license.
  2. A copy (scan or photo is fine) of your driving history (in English and dated) from the entity that issued your driver's license.
I have a prior violation on my license. Can I still join and use Gig?
We’ll look at the type, date of incident, quantity, and severity of the violation and make an assessment. We strive to make safe decisions that will allow us to offer the GIG Car Share program to our Members, and we reserve the right to make these decisions in our sole discretion. Please see Member Agreement or call us at (800) 464‑0889.
What do I do if I need roadside assistance?
We’re here for you. Press the Member Support button in the app for 24/7 support, or call us at (800) 464‑0889.
What do I do if I get into an accident or there is an emergency situation?
Don’t panic. Make sure everyone is safe first, and if anyone is injured, call 911. When it is safe to do so, immediately report the accident by calling (800) 464‑0889 or by pressing the Member Support button in the app. Once you get in touch, we'll help you through the process. Failure to immediately report the accident could prevent you from receiving coverage under the Third Party Liability Insurance. Please do not drive the car after an accident until and unless we have given you explicit permission to do so.
Can I refer friends?
Yes! Send your friends a link through the "Free Rides" page in the app, and they’ll get a $25 driving credit when they sign up. You’ll also receive a $25 driving credit after they take their first trip! Terms and Conditions apply.

Promo Codes

I have a promo code—what is this?
Promo codes will give you trip credit depending on the promotion. They do expire, so check the code’s expiration date before using. If you were given a promo code via a Gig gift certificate there is no expiration date.
Are there special rewards for AAA Members?
AAA Members save 10% on every Gig trip. Just enter your AAA Membership number when registering your account and enjoy those sweet, sweet discounts. Join AAA to save 10% on every trip. The AAA discount does not apply to tolls or other fees.

How It Works

How do I reserve Gig?
You can reserve a car through the app. Find a car on the map, select "reserve," and get a 30-minute hold on your car. Change of plans? Cancel your booking free of charge. You can’t rebook a car after canceling a reservation for two hours. You also can’t reserve a Gig more than 30 minutes in advance as this lets us provide on-demand trips when you want them. If you don’t pick up the car in that window, you’ll lose the reservation and won’t be able to rebook that car for two hours. Watch Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: Finding and Reserving a Gig Gig Cards & Fuel Cards
Where can I find a car?
Available cars are shown on the map in the app. You’ll also get some handy info like location, license plate number, fuel level, and an estimate of how far you can drive. Watch Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: Finding and Reserving a Gig
What do the lights on the windshield reader mean?
  • Green means the car is available
  • Orange means the car is reserved.
  • To end your trip, hold the Gig Card on the reader until the light turns blue, then green. This takes approximately 10 seconds.
Watch Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: Gig Cards & Fuel Cards
Can I bring my pets, eat and/or smoke in the cars?
Pets are fine if they stay in a carrier (with the exception of service animals). Feel free to eat and drink in the Gig, just please clean up after you hit the drive-through. No forms of smoking are allowed in the car, this includes e-cigarettes, vape pens, and cannabis. If the car is left messy, dirty, smelly or covered in dog hair you will get charged an Excessive Cleaning fee. Read more about our rates and fees.
Is Gig equipped for kids?
We are definitely family friendly, but make sure you bring your own booster/car seat for the little ones.
What is the HomeZone?
The HomeZone is the area where you can start and end a trip. You can see the HomeZone boundaries in the app. We have HomeZones in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. Gigs must begin and end trips in their original HomeZone. You will be charged a fee if you take a Gig from a HomeZone and end that trip in a different HomeZone. Gig has special agreements with different cities around parking, be sure you familiarize with the limitations of the city you’re ending your trip in. Never park in a no parking zone, handicap spot, and be sure there isn’t street sweeping within 12 hours of parking. You can take your Gig anywhere (within the U.S.), but you can only start or end a trip inside the HomeZone. If you want to make a stop without ending your trip, turn the car off and lock it through the app. Do not choose “End trip.” Unlock it when you return. Making stops and ending trips Where to Park
Are there surcharges on long trips and how long can I keep the Gig?
You can take Gig for as long or as short as you like. Up to to 250 miles per day is included in the rate, past that, it's 45¢/mile (plus tax) in addition to the standard trip rates.
How do I unlock and start the Gig?
You can unlock Gig cars on the street using your app. If returning to an active rental you can use the Gig card, just tap the windshield reader until the car unlocks. Just get in, put your foot on the brake, and push the“Power” button.
How do I end my trip?
To end your trip, park in an approved parking spot anywhere in the HomeZone. Remember to take all your stuff with you and make sure the car is tidy. When it’s time to say good-bye, choose "End Booking” on the app. You’ll know you’ve successfully ended your trip when the doors lock and a green light appears up on the Gig Card windshield reader. Double check that you’ve ended your trip so you don’t accidentally rack up charges or get hit with an unsecured-car fee. If you’re using the Gig Card to end your trip, just hold it on the Gig Card windshield reader until the light turns blue, then remove it and wait for the light to turn green. Watch Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: Making stops and ending trips
Why can’t I end my trip?
If there’s an issue ending your trip, we’ll both text you and let you know through the app. There are lots of reasons why you might not be able to end your trip, but here are a few of the most common:
  • You’re trying to end the trip outside of the Gig's original HomeZone or outside a HomeZone entirely.
  • A door or the trunk might be open.
  • The car isn’t turned off.
If you still can’t end your trip, get in touch. Use the app Member Support button or call (800) 464‑0889.
The lights on the Gig Card windshield reader are off. What does this mean?
This usually means the car is in sleep mode. Use the app to select the car or tap your Gig Card on the reader to wake it up.
What if the car is damaged or dirty?
Let us know! At the start of your trip, report damage or cleanliness issues by using the in-app button to contact Member Support, (800) 464‑0889. This is an important step because you could be held responsible for any unreported damage or cleanliness issues if left until after your trip. If you find any dings or dents, please mark them on the damage screen in the app.
How do the bike racks work?
Keys for the bike rack locks are in the glove box, along with instructions. With bikes racked, be cautious of driving where clearance is less than 9ft. Damage to the car as a result of using the bike racks inappropriately or an over-height car will be the responsibility of the driver. Each side of the bike rack can hold a maximum of 40lbs. Watch Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: How to Put a Bike on the Rack
Help. I'm in the car and it has locked itself, but I haven't even started it yet!
You have five minutes to start the car after you unlock. Not enough time? No sweat. If the car locks, just hit "Unlock" again in the app.
Can I play my own music and charge my phone?
Of course! You can stream your music through Bluetooth® or use the Entune™ app for Pandora® or your personal iHeartRadio station. All our cars have a port to plug your phone charger into—just bring your cable and you're set.
What happens if I get pulled over? How do I show proof of insurance?
Insurance papers are inside the glove box. If you have any problems, call Member Support at (800) 464-0889.
Can I use Gig if I don’t have a smartphone?
Yes. You can call us at (800) 464-0889 to apply over the phone. If you are approved, we will mail you a Gig Card. A Gig Card works like a key that can lock and unlock cars. If the windshield reader light is green, just tap the Gig Card to the reader, get in, and go! You will be able to use Gig the same way as a smartphone user, but you will need to report damage or other issues by calling (800) 464-0889. Watch Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: Gig Cards & Fuel Cards
What do the color pins mean on the map?
Gigs are indicated by different pins on the map:
  • Blue is a Hybrid Gig.
  • Yellow is a discounted Hybrid Gig.
  • Green is an Electric Gig.
  • A unique icon is a Special Gig.

Fuel & Charging

Do I have to refuel?
We always do our best to keep the Gigs fueled up and ready for adventure, but if you need a boost, you can: 
  • Pay for the fuel out-of-pocket. 
  • Snap a picture of the receipt.
  • Send the receipt photo to [email protected], indicate your Gig email so we can look you up, or submit your receipt info here
We’ll start processing the reimbursement to your card on file within three business days, the bank can take up to five to complete the process.  Don’t want to pay out-of-pocket? Locate the gas card in the glove box and call Member Support at (800) 464‑0889 for the PIN.
How do I charge my Electric Gig?
Just like refueling, Gig covers the cost to recharge our Electric Vehicles. Once you find a station, pull up to an available charger, and begin charging. After you’ve paid, snap a pic of your receipt, and submit it here for a refund.


Where can I park?
You can park and end trips in almost any approved space in the car's original HomeZone.
  • 2+ hour parking in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Albany, Emeryville, El Cerrito.
  • Public, residential permit and metered street spots are fine. Public lots are not.
  • Designated spots in San Francisco and BART station parking lots.
  • If you’re taking Gig and parking it in a private, off-street parking area like a driveway, an underground garage, office building, mall, or apartment complex, you must choose “Park and Come Back” in the app. You can’t end your trip in these restricted access areas.
  • Mind the curb, if it's red, yellow, blue, green, or white don't park there. You also can't end trips in private or public parking lots (unless we have designated parking).
  • Some areas are Red Zoned, you can't end a trip there. If you're parked near a Red Zone sometimes the app won't let you end a trip and you have to call Member Support.
Remember, don't park within 12 hours of city services (street sweeping, leaf pick-up) and be sure to read the signs carefully. Otherwise restricted parking spaces are always a no-go (handicapped, loading/unloading, vanpool, etc.) Also, beware of underground or concrete parking structures, they often have low cell service and you might not be able to lock/unlock the car without your Gig Card. So better to just avoid those situations. Remember, you’re always required to obey all the usual signage, restrictions, and bylaws. You’re also on the hook for any tickets or tows if you park illegally or if you’re ending a trip in a time-restricted spot. Need help? Give us a call at (800) 464-0889 to clarify if you need to. We won’t bite. Or yell.
Watch Gig’s “how-to” videos to learn more: Where to Park
Do I have to return the car to the location where I picked it up?
No, Gig is a one-way car-sharing service. You can pick up and drop off cars in any approved parking space on the street, including meters and within residential parking zones throughout the HomeZone. Just remember to check street sweeping signs to make sure you’re not ending a reservation within 12 hours of scheduled street sweeping. One-way trips are what Gig is all about.
Can I park at the airport?
Note: We're no longer at VIP Airport Parking Starting July 29, 2021, Expresso Airport Parking is Gig's new parking lot for travel to and from the Oakland International Airport. It is located at 195 98th Avenue in Oakland. Look for a white sign that reads “Airport Parking” and “XO Expresso Airport Parking” at the entrance. It is located five minutes away from the terminals (by shuttle). Enter the parking facility by driving in the entrance lane and push the button for a ticket. Find any open space in the parking lot and park. End your trip in the Gig app. Don’t forget to leave the ticket on the dashboard. Shuttle vans periodically circle between the parking lot and Oakland Airport. There are shuttle signs at the parking lot with pick-up times. We also have parking at SEA-TAC airport, 18613 International Blvd., SeaTac, WA. A shuttle goes from Wally Park to the airport terminal, take the elevator from the 5th floor (roof) to the ground floor and the shuttle picks up in front of the garage office to go to the airport. We don't have parking at SFO yet.
Can I park at BART stations?
Yes, we have designated parking spaces at Ashby, North Berkeley, Rockridge, El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito del Norte, Lake Merritt, MacArthur, and West Oakland BART stations. If they're all full, you'll have to find another legal place to park.
What if there is a ticket on the car before I start my reservation?
We’ll cross-reference the time to make sure. Just do us a favor and stick the ticket in the glove box and give us a call to let us know it's there on (800) 464‑0889 or via the Member Support button in the app.


How much does Gig cost?
You pay by the minute, hour, or day-we will determine which is the most affordable rate for you. Please check rate page for the latest pricing. Prices are subject to change. Fuel, insurance, and parking within the HomeZone are included. Additional rates:
  • Surcharge over 250 miles per day: $0.45/mile
For longer trips, Gig may charge your card each day instead of waiting until the end of the trip. Please visit our Rates page for more details. You also pay taxes, which vary by city and are subject to change. AAA Members save 10% on standard driving rates. Join AAA so you can save 10% on every trip. Gigs designated with a gold pin on the map have a temporary lower per mile rate.
What fees do I pay?
There are no signup fees, membership fees, or annual charges for Gig. You only pay for your use of the car and a $1 Access fee. You are responsible for any tolls on your trip, but we’ll automatically calculate and add them to your account the following week. When you sign up, we verify your credit or debit card with a pre-authorization amount of up to $50. When you start a reservation, we place a pre-authorization hold on your credit or debit card of up to $15 to ensure your card is up-to-date and valid. These pre-authorization holds will fall off your account within 24-72 hours, depending on your bank. There are some instances in which you may be charged additional fees (like if you smoke in the car) which you can find on the Rates page, and in detail in the Member Agreement.
What if I incur a fine, violation, or other administrative charge during my trip?
You are responsible for all traffic offenses and violations, parking citations, and any charges that result from same. If, for any reason, we are required or decide to pay such charges on your behalf, these fines will be charged to your Account upon receipt of violation. You are responsible for the full amount of the assessed charges, as well as a processing fee.
Do I have to pay tolls?
Yes. Every car is registered with the FasTrak system. Tolls are automatically billed to your account the following week.
What other fees and charges should I be aware of?
Charging you fees hurts us more than it hurts you.
  • Lost car documents: $20
  • Declined credit or debit card fee: $25
  • Excessive cleaning: $100
  • Smoking/vaping in car: $100
  • Unauthorized parking: $100
  • Towed vehicles: $150 + tow fees
  • Unlocked car: $100
  • Drained battery: $100
  • Unauthorized use of car by Third Party: $150
  • Abandoned car: $50 + $5/mile outside of the car's specific HomeZone
  • Parking and driving violation tickets: face value of tickets
  • Surcharge after 250 miles driven per day: $0.45/mile
  • All fees subject to $25 processing fee and taxes
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport parking fee (when a Member starts or ends a trip there): $19.99
How do I pay?
You don't need to think about it. All charges are automatically applied to the debit or credit card on file. You'll be able to see the cost of all your trips by logging into your Account the next business day except for tolls or other charges, which will be added to your Account the following week.
How do I know if I am being charged by the mile, or the hour?
Our system automatically charges you the lowest rate at the end of your trip. We got your back.
What if I get a ticket or get towed?
You will be responsible for covering the costs incurred for parking tickets, towing, and any associated processing fees and taxes. Feel free to contact us with concerns. Avoid getting towed by double checking parking spots and always carrying your Gig Card.
What if my payment card is declined?
If your debit or credit card is declined, get in touch with your debit or credit card company. You will be charged a $25 fee for a declined payment, and your Gig Membership may be immediately suspended or terminated.
What if my license is out of date?
No problem. Just give us a call at (800) 464‑0889 with your valid license number and we’ll update your account. You won’t be able to reserve a car again until we are able to verify that your driver’s license is valid.

Insurance and Member Agreement

Where is the car’s registration?
Registration is inside the glove box in a handy packet.
Do you provide any insurance?
We provide Third Party Liability Insurance while you are using the GIG Car Share services. This insurance provides you with coverage for bodily injury and property damage costs to other parties relating to an accident occurring while using the GIG Car Share services and for which you may be legally liable, subject to such Gig Member complying with all obligations of the Member Agreement and subject to the terms and conditions of the Third Party Liability Insurance. If you damage the car, but are in compliance with all of the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement, you're responsible for a deductible limited to $1,000 or $900 if you're a AAA Member. If you breach the Membership Agreement, you will be responsible for all damages to the extent permitted by law.
What type of liability insurance is included if I don't have insurance?
Your bodily injury liability is covered up to $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident and property damage liability up to $50,000. Also, you are covered with uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist bodily injury up to $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident.
Can I purchase a damage waiver?
No, damage waivers are not available.
What if the car is damaged, lost, or stolen during my trip?
Please notify us immediately. You will be responsible to the extent permitted by law for the physical or mechanical damage to the car, loss due to theft of the car, charges for towing, storage, and impound fees, and related administrative charges.
What do I need to do to make a claim under the Third Party Liability Insurance?
Please contact Member Support at (800) 464‑0889.
What happens if there is an insurance claim?
You will be notified of any pending claim due to an accident or damage caused while using the car.
What happens if my Membership is suspended?
You won't be able to reserve or drive any Gig cars, but you are still responsible for any outstanding charges associated with your Account. We may later decide to reinstate or terminate your Membership as we consider appropriate. If we choose to reinstate your Membership, you may be required to provide us with additional information, which may include confirmation that you meet our eligibility criteria.
What if I violate the Member Agreement?
Violating the Member Agreement will get your Membership suspended or terminated with or without notice. If you breach any term of the Member Agreement, you will not be covered by the Third Party Liability Insurance. Don’t make us be the bad guys.
What happens if my Membership is terminated?
You won’t be able to reserve or drive any cars, but you are still responsible for any outstanding fees or charges associated with your Account. Some of your obligations will continue even after your Membership has been terminated. Please see Member Agreement for details.
What is the policy for users with previous violations on their licenses?
It depends on the type, date of incident, quantity, and severity of the violation. See Member Agreement for more info or call us at (800) 464‑0889 to speak to a rep.

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