You only pay for what you use. We'll do the math and calculate the lowest rate for you. Prices are listed per trip. A trip is how long you maintain your rental. If you end your rental, you end your trip and the price calculations start over.

Multi-day Rentals: Prepay and save with Multi-day Rentals as low as $64/day in the Bay Area, $76/day in Seattle, or $43/day in Sacramento. Learn more about Multi-day Rentals here.

Always check the app for up-to-date pricing.


$1 Access Fee per trip, then price is based on usage.

Per Minute $0.49 (up to $16.99)
Per Hour $16.99 (up to $69.99)
Bundle 8 hours $69.99
Per Day $99.99

Sea-Tac Airport Fee: Effective July 15, the Sea-Tac Airport fee is $19.99 for trips that start or end a SeaTac / WallyPark

Bay Area

$1 Access Fee, then price is based on usage.

Per Minute  $0.49 (up to $16.99)
Per Hour $16.99 (up to $69.99)
Bundle 8 hours $69.99
Per Day

OAK Airport Fee: Effective May 24, 2021, Gig trips that start or end at the VIP Airport parking lot are charged with a $5 fee.


$1 Access Fee, then price is based on usage.

Per Minute $0.49 (up to $16.99)
Per Hour $16.99 (up to $84.99)
Per Day

Trips that end outside of the HomeZone are subject to abandoned car fees across all markets.

Prices subject to change, please check the app for the most up-to- rates.

Additional considerations:

  • Surcharge over 250 miles per rental period: $0.45/mile
  • Tolls: Every car is registered with the FasTrak system. Tolls are automatically billed to your account the following month.
  • Trips must be re-synced every 24/hours or your payment will be declined and we'll charge you a fee. If the vehicle isn't moving we automatically re-sync the trip and you're good to go. If the car is in use we'll contact you and ask that you pull over for a minute while we reset your trip.

Golden Gigs

We’ve found a way to make your quickest trips more affordable. If you’re taking a trip under an hour, check the app for a ‘Golden Gig,’ marked with a gold symbol on the app. These special Gigs have a reduced rate.

AAA Discount

AAA Members save 10% on every Gig trip — call Member Support to get your AAA discount. Join AAA so you can get this sweet discount.

Service Fees

Using Gig is like owning a car—but without all the bad parts. So do us a favor and treat Gig like it’s yours. To keep Gig in good condition for everyone, we may charge fees for the safety and cleaning issues listed below.

View Service Fees

  • Lost car documents/materials: $20
  • Declined credit card fee: $25
  • Excessive cleaning: $100
  • Smoking/vaping in car: $100
  • Unauthorized parking: $100
  • Towed cars: $150 + tow fees
  • Unlocked car: $100
  • Drained battery: $100
  • Unauthorized use of car by third party: $150
  • Abandoned car: $50 + $5/mile outside of HomeZone
    • All Gigs must end trips in their original HomeZone
  • Parking and driving violation tickets: face value of tickets
  • Surcharge after 250 miles driven in one trip: $0.45/mile
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport parking fee(when a Member starts or ends a trip there): $9.99

All fees subject to $25 processing fee and applicable taxes.

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