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You only pay for what you use, by the mile, hour, or day. We'll do the math and calculate the lowest rate for you, based on how long and far you drive.

Current Rates

Pay by the mile, hour, or day

Per Mile $2.50
Per Hour $15.00
Per Day  $85.00 

$59 Mon-Fri and $75 Sat-Sun

Prices subject to change. Gas, insurance, and parking within the HomeZone are included.

Additional rates:

  • Minimum charge per trip: $2.50
  • Park and come back on short trips less than 1 hour: $0.30/minute
  • Surcharge over 250 miles per trip: $0.45/mile
  • Tolls: Every car is registered with the FasTrak system. Tolls are automatically billed to your account the following month.

Golden pin over a Gig

Gold Discount

We’ve found a way to make your quickest trips more affordable. If you’re taking a trip under an hour and less than six miles, check the app for a ‘Golden Gig,’ marked with a gold symbol on the app.

These special Gigs have a reduced mileage rate.

AAA Discount

AAA Members save 10% on every Gig trip — just enter your AAA Membership number to get your discount. Join AAA so you can get this sweet discount.

Service Fees

Using Gig is like owning a car—but without all the bad parts. So do us a favor and treat Gig like it’s yours. To keep Gig in good condition for everyone, we may charge fees for the safety and cleaning issues listed below.

View Service Fees

  • Lost car documents/materials: $20
  • Declined credit card fee: $25
  • Excessive cleaning: $100
  • Smoking in car: $100
  • Unauthorized parking: $100
  • Towed cars: $150 + tow fees
  • Unlocked car: $100
  • Drained battery: $100
  • Unauthorized use of car by third party: $150
  • Abandoned car: $50 + $5/mile outside of HomeZone
  • Parking and driving violation tickets: face value of tickets
  • Surcharge after 250 miles driven in one trip: $0.45/mile

All fees subject to $25 processing fee and applicable taxes.

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