Bay Area and Seattle Rates

We'll do the math and calculate the lowest rate for you. Prices are listed per trip. A trip is how long you maintain your rental. If you end your rental, your trip is completed and the price calculations start over.

Members are allotted 100 miles per 24 hours. If this 24-hour cap is exceeded, a $0.50/mile fee will be applied. Seattle trips are subject to a 17.95% tax on the final total, including any fees and discounts. Prices and taxes subject to change, please check the app for the most up-to-date rates.

Pay As You Go Rates

Time Weekday Weekend
Minute $0.60 $0.60
Hour $19.99 $24.99
Day $129.99 $119.99* $139.99 $119.99*

A $1.25 base rental fee (fka shared asset fee) will be charged for every pay as you go trip a Member takes with us. This fee cannot be paid with Gig Credits or included in discounts.

*Get the Summer Special! The pay as you go day rate has dropped to $119.99 through July 31, 2024. That gives you $10 off on weekdays and $20 off on weekends! 😎

Prepaid Rates

Time Weekday Weekend
8 Hour $89.99 $94.99
1 Day $119.99 $119.99

A $1.25 base rental fee (fka shared asset fee) is included in prepaid rates. This fee cannot be paid with Gig Credits or included in discounts.

Prepaid trips begin immediately after clicking "Pay and Reserve" in the Gig app and cannot be refunded. You may not switch to a different Gig rental during the period of the Prepaid trip.

AAA Discount

AAA Members save 10 percent on every Gig trip. Add your 16-digit AAA Member ID number in the app under settings and you’ll start saving on future trips. AAA Membership also provides 24/7 roadside assistance*, trip planning, hotel discounts, and more!

Not a AAA Member?
Click here to join AAA in the SF Bay Area

Click here to join AAA in Seattle

*Subject to payment in full of all Gig Rental Fees and compliance with the Gig Member Agreement.

Airport Fees

Sea-Tac Airport: Trips that start or end at the Sea-Tac WallyPark HomeZone are charged a $19.99 fee.

Service Fees

Using Gig is like owning a car— but without all the bad parts. So do us a favor and treat Gig like it’s yours. To keep Gig in good condition for everyone, we may charge fees listed below.

View Service Fees

  • Abandoned car: $75 ($50 + $25 processing fee) + $5/mile outside of HomeZone
    • All Gigs must end trips in their original HomeZone.
  • Declined credit card fee: $25
  • Drained battery: $125 ($100 + $25 processing fee)
  • Excessive cleaning: $125 ($100 +$25 processing fee)
  • Late return fee on prepaid rentals: 
    • $19.99/hr (weekday), $24.99/hr (weekend)
  • Lost car documents/materials: $45 ($20 + $25 processing fee)
  • Parking and driving violation tickets: face value of tickets + $25 processing fee
  • Smoking/vaping in car: $125 ($100 + $25 processing fee)
  • Towed cars: $325 ($300 + $25 processing fee) + tow fees
  • Unauthorized parking: $125 ($100 + $25 processing fee)
  • Unauthorized use of car by third party: $175 ($150 + $25 processing fee)
  • Unlocked car: $125 ($100 + $25 processing fee)
  • Vehicle retrieval fee: $175 ($150 + $25 processing fee)

All fees subject to change, please check the app for the most up-to-date fees.

Additional Considerations

Tolls: Every car is registered with the FasTrak or Good to Go! system. Tolls are automatically billed to your account the following month. You cannot use your own Fastrak or Good to Go! account.

Golden Gigs: If you’re taking a trip under an hour, check the app for a ‘Golden Gig’, marked with a gold symbol on the app. These special Gigs have a reduced rate.

Contiguous US Only: You can take a Gig anywhere within the Contiguous United States (excluding Illinois and Texas) as long as your trip ends back in the HomeZone, but our vehicles are not allowed to leave the country at any point.

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