Take an all-electric day trip! Read up on tips and tricks for having a great EV adventure.

How it Works

Using Gig is simple. Just find a car, unlock, inspect, and go. No need to return the car to the same spot. Simply leave Gig in any approved parking space within the HomeZone and boom—you’re done.
  1. 2 Find a Car

    Use the app to see available cars nearby. Book up to 30 minutes in advance, or just walk up to a car on the street. If the windshield light is green, it’s up for grabs.
  2. 3 Unlock & Inspect

    Unlock a car right from your smartphone. Give it a once-over before hopping in and report any dings, dents, or damage through the app.
  3. 4 Hit the Road

    No key! Just put your foot on the brake and push the “Power” button and drive. You can go anywhere in the U.S. for as short or long as you want. Make a stopover by choosing “Stopover” to get out of the car without giving it up.
  4. 5 Park Easily

    Park for free in any Gig-designated, residential, or permit‑only spots within the HomeZone. Do not park within 12-hours of street sweeping, in any no-parking zone, or in commercial or loading zones. Check out our parking rules before you go.
  5. 6 Always Affordable

    Only pay for what you use at whichever rate is lowest—by mile, hour, or day. Gas/charging, insurance, and parking in the HomeZone are all included.

Bike Rack

Take your bike along for the ride. Every Gig car is fitted with two Thule® bike racks. They fit most bikes with a 20- to 29-inch wheel diameter and 2.6-inch tire width—no need to take off any wheels. Once bikes are on board, be careful where clearance is less than 9'. Using the bike racks is simple:

Watch Gig's tutorial video to learn more. How to Put a Bike on the Rack.

  1. Grab the bike rack key from the glove box.
  2. Rotate the side arm all the way forward, press the grey trigger, and slide the hook all the way out.
  3. Put your bike in the wheel tray with front wheel touching support loop.
  4. Hold the bike and raise the arm near the brake or fork.
  5. Slide the hook down tightly against the wheel. WARNING: The arm must be firm against the tire, near the brake or fork. Give the bike a good shake to make sure it’s secure.
  6. Position the ratcheting strap over the rear tire and secure.

Remember, when bikes are on board, be careful when clearance is less than 9'.

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