Please help us protect our community by wearing a proper face covering and bringing wipes to disinfect your Gig before/after each ride.

Refuel Your Gig – Get Reimbursed

When you Gig, you want to just Get In and Go! So we want to make refueling as quick as possible. Skip calling in by paying out of pocket for fuel and filling out the form below to get reimbursed.

We always do our best to keep the Gigs charged and ready for adventure, but if you need a boost, you can: 

  • Pay for the fuel out-of-pocket. 
  • Snap a picture of the receipt.
  • Send the receipt photo to, indicate your Gig email so we can look you up, or submit your receipt info below.

We’ll start processing the reimbursement to your card on file within three business days, the bank can take up to five to complete the process (EV Monthly Rentals are exempt from fuel reimbursements). Easy, peasy, 🍋squeezy.

Fuel Card

Don’t want to use your own money? There’s a gas card in the glove box — just give us a call for the PIN.

A few gas stations don't accept our fuel cards, but you should be able to use them anywhere other than:

  • Arco
  • ampm
  • Costco
  • Sam's Club

What about Electric Gigs?

Our Electric Gigs are fun to drive and easy on the environment. In fact, they are great options for long road trips!

Our awesome fleet team works really hard to keep our cars charged up. But, if you ever find yourself in a situation when you need a charge, we’ll cover the cost of the electricity, as always.

Recharging Process

You can recharge your Gig at any time. We do recommend recharging when your Electric Gig has about 30 percent battery life remaining.

We've introduced a new process for recharging Electric Gigs - with this new process, you’ll send us your receipt after you’ve charged your Electric Gig.

Once you find a station, pull up to an available charger, and begin charging. Once you’ve paid, snap a pic of your receipt, and submit it here for a refund. We will provide a refund of your rental fee in the amount of your charging fee, which will be shown as a credit to your card account originally used for your rental.

Call us if you are encountering an issue.

You’ll get reimbursed either in the form of a refund on a previous trip or through a good ol’-fashioned check (which can take a few weeks). We’ll start processing the reimbursement to your card on file within three business days. The bank can take up to five days to complete the process.

Planning your route

While EV-charging infrastructure is rapidly improving, it’s still not as ubiquitous as the gas pump. Before starting your trip, plug in your route on your favorite mapping tool.

You can see the charge level of the car before you reserve it, but for a road trip, try to grab a Gig with as close to a full charge as possible (about 200 miles).

Head over to PlugShare to find charging stations along your route. Determine where you’d like to stop for lunch as DC fast chargers can take about an hour and a half to get your Gig to full charge. Level 2 Chargers are good for a slight top-off (they’ll give you about 10-20 miles for an hour of charging).

Know your charger

There are different kinds of chargers, and they charge your vehicle at different rates. It’s good to know about how long it’s going to take to charge so that you can plan your trips and routes accordingly. For more tips on how to charge your Electric Gig, read here.

Our Electric Gigs use the SAE Combo CCS (DCFC) for the quickest charging and the Port J1772 (Level 2), as needed.


J1772 (Level 2)

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