Why You Need a Gig Card

Gig is an app-enabled service that uses Bluetooth and cell service to give Members access to our cars. If you wander far from cell service, or if your phone dies, this can be problematic. Fortunately, we have a great tool that can help – our RFID-enabled Gig Card. With a Gig Card, you've got another back-up to assist locking and unlocking your car when your phone, Bluetooth, or cell service aren't available. 

How it Works

To reserve and unlock your Gig car, tap or hold your Gig Card over the windshield card reader; the light should turn from green to orange indicating your reservation has commenced.

To end your reservation, tap or hold your Gig Card over the reader; the car will lock, and the lights will cycle through blue to green indicating your trip and use of the Gig car is complete.

So, grab a Gig card to make Gig trips easier, especially when you:
✔️ Find that perfect out-of-the way hiking spot.
✔️ Take your Multi-day Rental on an adventure.
✔️ Put your bike on the rack, and go hit the trails.
✔️ Park anywhere, including underground parking spots.

Order in the App

Once you've taken your first trip, it’s easy to order a Gig Card through the app — just tap “Gig Card” in the menu. It usually takes about three business days to receive your card, but can sometimes take up to two weeks.

Order through Member Support

If you wish to order a Gig Card before taking your first trip, click here to fill out a request form or email Member Support at to request your Gig Card. Include the name and email address you use on your Gig account.

Need one Right Away? Visit AAA!

In Seattle, pick up a Gig Card at the AAA Cruise and Travel office at 1523 15th Ave. W.

In the Bay Area, pick up a Gig Card at the AAA Berkeley Branch (1775 University Ave, Berkeley), the AAA San Francisco Potrero Center Branch (2300 16th St. Ste. 280), or the AAA San Francisco Richmond District Branch (599 Clement St.).

In Sacramento, pick up a card at the Sacramento Capitol Mall (621 Capitol Mall, Suite 118) or the Sacramento University Village (2216 Fair Oaks Blvd).

Watch our Tutorial Video

Check out our short Gig Cards & Gas Cards tutorial video below, or on our YouTube channel.

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