How Do I ….

From downloading the app to how HomeZones work, watch our short how-to tutorial videos to get acquainted, or reacquainted, with how GIG Car Share works!

How To Sign Up for a Gig

How to Sign Up for Gig: Review the 5 easy steps to get started with GIG Car Share!

What is the HomeZone?

What is the HomeZone? Lean more about the GIG Car Share HomeZone.

Parking Guidelines

Parking Guidelines: Learn more about how parking a Gig works, inside and out of the HomeZone.

How to Turn on a Gig

How to Turn on the Car: Learn more about unlocking a Gig car by using the app and how to get your Gig to go!

Using a Gig Card (when out of cell service)

How to use a Gig Card (for when you are out of cell service range) and a Fuel Card

How to Use the Parking Brake

How to Use the Parking Brake: Here's a reminder on where to find the parking break in a Gig.

How to Fuel a Gig

How to Fuel a Gig and Get Reimbursed: Need to fuel up? Here's a quick reminder on how to fuel your Gig and how to submit a receipt for reimbursement.

How to End a Reservation

How to End a Reservation: Done with your Gig? Here's how to end your ride.

How to Put a Bike on the Rack

How to Put a Bike on the Rack: Here's step-by-step instructions on how to put a bike on the Gig car bike rack.

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