Parking Guidelines

We make parking a breath of fresh air with Gig. As long as you use a legal spot in our HomeZones and follow the rules listed below, you can end your trips without having to worry about an additional cost of parking.

Do's and Don'ts of Gig Parking

  • Make sure to end your trip in the same HomeZone where your trip began. It does not have to be the same exact spot you picked up the Gig.
  • Traveling and parking outside of the HomeZone is okay. Just lock the Gig instead of ending the trip and pay the meter or parking fees.
  • You can use some parking lots we’ve partnered with. These are designated in our app with a “P” symbol and can be clicked for more information.
  • Parking is allowed in non-brand specific car share parking spaces within our HomeZones.
  • Grab a Gig Card as a backup to assist with locking and unlocking your car when your phone, Bluetooth, or cell service aren't available.


  • Red zones within the HomeZone mean you cannot end your trip there.
  • Valet parking is not permitted, as only you are allowed to drive the Gig during your trip.
  • You can’t end your trip in private, off-street areas such as driveways, underground garages, office buildings, malls, and apartment complexes. You must choose “Park and Come Back” in the app.
  • Do not park in spaces that are designated (by name) for car companies other than Gig.
  • You will be held responsible for tickets or towing that were caused by your trip.
  • Avoid tickets by not parking:
    • Within 12 hours of street sweeping or other city service.
    • In handicap spots, bus lanes, loading, commercial, or construction zones.
    • In non-Gig approved private or public lots or parking garages.
    • Good rule of thumb: if the curb is white, yellow, green, red or blue — you cannot park a Gig there.

Just treat the car like it’s your own. When in doubt, call Member Support at (800) 464‑0889.

Let's Get Specific

East Bay

You can park in any 2+ hour public, residential permit, or metered space not otherwise restricted, within the HomeZone (the blue-shaded area in the app).

In Albany, you have to end your trip in a non-metered spot. These metered spots are red zoned in the app to help you know where not to park.

San Francisco

We have HomeZones in the Richmond District, Outer Sunset, and Bernal Heights, along with several parking lots in San Francisco. You can find more information on the lots (including hours and restriction) by clicking on the “P” symbol in the app.


We have designated parking spaces at the following BART stations:

  • Ashby, El Cerrito del Norte, El Cerrito Plaza, Fruitvale, Lake Merritt, MacArthur, North Berkeley, Rockridge, and West Oakland

If these spots are full, please find the nearest spot in the Gig HomeZone that is a legal curbside location. 

Parking in any other BART parking spots will lead to being ticketed or towed.


You can park in any 1+ hour public, residential permit, or metered space not otherwise restricted, within the HomeZone (the blue-shaded area in the app).

We have parking at the Northgate Link light rail station, thanks to our partnership with King County Metro. You can start and end your Gig trips at the Northgate Park & Ride and on 3rd Ave NE. The Park & Ride parking spaces are only for Gig Members connecting to buses and the light rail. See more details in the app.

Flying into or out of Sea-Tac? We have dedicated parking spots at Wallypark Premier Garage. See for full details.

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