Where can I end a trip or park for free?

Parking with Gig feels like magic, but it actually runs on a series of complex agreements with different municipalities. Members can get parking tickets if they aren’t careful. To ensure the optimal Gig experience here are the rules for our service areas.

General Parking Guidelines

  • You don’t need to return a Gig to the spot you picked it up from. Just begin and end trips in the Gig HomeZone
  • Traveling and parking outside the HomeZone is permitted; just lock the car instead of ending the trip and pay the meter or other parking fees.
  • Valet parking is not permitted, only you are allowed to drive the Gig.
  • If you're taking Gig and parking it in a private, off-street parking area like a driveway, an underground garage, office building, mall, or apartment complex, you must choose "Park and Come Back" in the app. You can't end your trip in these restricted access areas.
  • We have partnered with some parking lots so our Gigs Members can start and end trips there. These lots are marked by a location marker with a "P" symbol in the app. Please be sure to check for specific parking instructions by tapping on the "P".
  • Parking garages typically have spotty cell service, so your Gig might not work and you might get stranded. Before you go, grab a Gig Card, which helps Members to communicate with their Gig car — even when there is no cellular service, or your phone is out of juice.
  • Red zones within the HomeZone mean you can’t end your trip there. You can park and come back, just be sure to lock the car and feed the meter.
  • Do not park in spaces that are designated (by name) for car companies other than Gig. You can park in non-brand specific car share parking spaces but you can not park in spaces designated for "Zipcar" for example.
  • You will be held responsible for tickets or towing that were caused by your trip. Avoid tickets by not parking:
    • within 12 hours of street sweeping or other city service
    • in handicap spots, bus lanes, loading, commercial, or construction zones
    • in non-Gig approved private or public lots or parking garages, including BART parking lots (dedicated Gig spots at BART are ok). 
    • Basically if the curb is white, yellow, green, red or blue–you can't park there

Just treat the car like it’s your own. When in doubt, call Member Care, (800) 464‑0889.

Let's Get Specific

Oakland & Berkeley

You can park in any 2 hours (or more) public, residential permit, or metered space not otherwise restricted, within the HomeZone (the blue-shaded area in the app).

At BART, we have designated parking spaces at the Ashby, North Berkeley, Rockridge, Lake Merritt, MacArthur, El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito Del Norte, and West Oakland stations. If they're all full, you'll have to find another legal curbside place to park off BART property. 

San Francisco

We several parking lots in San Francisco and a HomeZone in the Richmond District. The private lots each operates a little differently, so view each lots hours and restrictions before heading to pick up or drop off a car. You can find more information on when clicking on the “P” pin in the app.


In Albany, you have to end your trip in a non-metered spot. These metered spots are red zoned in the app to help you know where not to park. Do not end trips in any spot less than 2-hour parking and don’t park within 12 hours of street sweeping or other city services.

Oakland Airport

Expresso Airport Parking is Gig's new parking lot for travel to and from the Oakland International Airport. It is located at 195 98th Avenue in Oakland. Look for a white sign that reads “Airport Parking” and “XO Expresso Airport Parking” at the entrance. It is located five minutes away from the terminals (by shuttle).

Enter the parking facility by driving in the entrance lane and push the button for a ticket. Find any open space in the parking lot and park. End your trip in the Gig app. Don’t forget to leave the ticket on the dashboard. Shuttle vans periodically circle between the parking lot and Oakland Airport. There are shuttle signs at the parking lot with pick-up times.

Please note: Gig trips that start or end at the OAK airport parking lot are charged a $5 fee. This fee will automatically be added at the end of your trip.

Seattle & Sea-Tac

Gigs can park in any legal 1 hour or longer parking spaces in the HomeZone, including metered spaces (not otherwise restricted). Residential-permitted spots are cool too. Beware of streets that turn into bus lanes. Don’t end your trip in a bus lane as you’ll be charged if the Gig gets towed and ticketed. 🚌

We’ve partnered with King County Metro to add parking at the Northgate Link light rail station! You can start and end your Gig trips at the Northgate Park & Ride lot and on 3rd Ave NE. Please note that the Park & Ride parking spaces are only for Gig Members connecting to buses and the light rail.  Open the app for details on this lot and on-street parking option.

Use GIG Car Share to get to the airport. We have parking at WallyPark Premier Garage near Sea-Tac airport, located at 18613 International Blvd., SeaTac, WA. (You’ll notice that there are multiple WallyPark lots around the airport — Gig parking is located at the WallyPark Premier Garage.)

Please note: Gig parking at WallyPark is extremely limited and may become full due to holiday travel. Please call Member Support at 1-800-464-0889 to confirm parking availability before taking Gig to the airport.

Flying into Seattle? Here’s how to Grab a Gig

Upon your arrival at Sea-Tac, open the Gig app to check for available Gigs. To catch the shuttle to the Gig parking lot from the baggage claim area, cross the skybridge to the parking garage and take an elevator or escalator down one floor, then follow signs to Courtesy Vehicles (Floor 3 of the parking garage). Cross the crosswalk and stand anywhere on Island 1. You can wave down the WallyPark Premier Garage shuttle anywhere along Island 1. To alert the shuttle that you are there, call 206-455- 9611 and follow prompts or text 425-336-2193 and select self park when asked if you need valet or self park. Note: The WallyPark Premier Garage shuttle is red. It’s a five-minute ride to the WallyPark Premier Garage. 

When you arrive at the garage, take the elevator up to the 5th floor (rooftop) to find your Gig. Remember, once you unlock your Gig, be sure to start the engine, otherwise the vehicle will turn off the ability to start the car after two minutes (lock and unlock the vehicle to override, or call customer support at 1-800-464-0889 if this happens). Upon exiting the garage, use the help button on the call/ticket box and their staff will raise the gate for you. The attendant may ask for the license plate number of your Gig via the call box. You can locate the license plate number of the Gig you’re driving in the app. You will not need to pay for parking on the way out.

A Member recently let us know that the entire process of getting the shuttle and finding her Gig took less than 15 minutes.

Flying out of Seattle? Here’s how to return your Gig

Drive your Gig to the WallyPark Premier Garage at 18613 International Blvd., SeaTac, WA. Upon arrival at the garage, pull up to the call box and press the “call support” button and tell the attendant you are returning your Gig.  Once the gate goes up, drive up to the 5th floor (rooftop) and follow the Gig signs to park in the designated Gig parking spots. If full, please park close to them). Once you end your trip, take the elevator down to the main office and take a shuttle to the airport terminals. The shuttle runs about every 10 minutes and takes five minutes to get to the airport.

Please note: A fee of $19.99 is added to trips that start or end at the Sea-Tac WallyPark HomeZone.

As always, when in doubt call Member Support: (800) 464‑0889

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