Use Gig to get to and from the airport. ✈️

Needing to fly ✈️, especially during the holidays, can be enough of a headache before you even consider how you're getting to and from the airport. Gig can be a breath of fresh air for those travel plans! When you grab a Gig, we conveniently have parking for you near the Oakland and Sea-Tac Airports. See more details below.

Holiday travel notice: Gig parking at these airport lots is extremely limited. During busy holiday travel, please call Member Support at (800) 464-0889 in advance to ensure the lots are not full.

SF Bay Area

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Expresso Airport Parking
195 98th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94603

Gig-designated parking spots are located at Expresso Airport Parking near Oakland International Airport. (Look for a white sign that reads "Airport Parking" and "XO Expresso Airport Parking" at the entrance.)

A $5 fee is added to trips that start or ends here.

Flying into Oakland:
  1. Upon your arrival at OAK, open the Gig app to check for available Gigs. Wait at the designated pickup curb at the terminal until the next shuttle arrives. You may also Expresso directly at (510) 633-9917 to request a shuttle.
  2. After a quick five-minute ride, you'll arrive at the lot to find your Gig. An attendant will be in the lot 24/7 if you need assistance.
  3. Drive to the front of the lot and exit through the cashier lane, giving the ticket to the attendant.
Flying out of Oakland:
  1. Drive your Gig to the Expresso Airport Parking at 195 98th Avenue.
  2. Push the button for a ticket and find any open space in the lot to park.
  3. Leave the ticket on the dashboard and await a shuttle to the airport. Vans periodically circle between the lot and airport, which is about five minutes away. See signs in the lot for pickup times.


WallyPark Premier Garage
18613 International Blvd.
SeaTac, WA 98188

Parking near Sea-Tac International Airport is at WallyPark Premier Garage. (Please note: There are multiple WallyPark lots around the airport — Gig parking is only at the WallyPark Premier Garage.)

A $19.99 fee is added to trips that start or end here.

Flying into Seattle:
  1. Check for available Gigs at WallyPark Premier Garage in the app. To catch the shuttle to WallyPark from the baggage claim area, follow signs to Courtesy Vehicles. You will cross the skybridge to the parking garage and go down one floor. (Floor 3 of the parking garage).
  2. Once you use the crosswalk, stand anywhere on Island 1. Look for  the red WallyPark Premier Garage shuttle anywhere along Island 1 and wave it down. You can also alert the garage that you are there by calling (206) 455-9611 or texting (425) 336-2193( select self park).
  3. When you arrive at the garage, take the elevator up to the 5th floor (rooftop) to find your Gig. Upon exiting the garage, use the help button on the call/ticket box and garage staff will raise the gate for you.
  4. The attendant may ask for the license plate number of your Gig via the call box. You can locate the license plate number of the Gig you’re driving in the app. You will not need to pay for parking on the way out.
Flying out of Seattle:
  1. Drive your Gig to the WallyPark Premier Garage at 18613 International Blvd.
  2. Upon arrival at the garage, pull up to the call box and press the “call support” button and tell the attendant you are returning your Gig.
  3. Once the gate goes up, drive up to the 5th floor (rooftop) and park in the designated Gig parking spots (facing La Quinta Inn). If those spots are full, please park close to them.
  4. When you are ready to end your trip, take the elevator down to the ground floor to wait for the shuttle by the main office. The shuttle runs about every 10 minutes.

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