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The details: how Gig Cards & fuel cards work

Gig is an app-enabled service. Which means you need cell service to use many major features, like the locking and unlocking of the cars. This can become problematic if you've driven out of cell service. Even if you have WIFI on your phone the car still needs to communicate over a cellular network, so you won't be able to unlock in an area without service.

No worries, we've thought of that. These RFID cards will lock and unlock your car without cell service! Don't leave town without one. No one wants to get towed or stranded. To reserve and unlock tap the card on the card reader on the windshield. The light should turn from green to orange indicating you are in a reservation. Tap again to lock the car. To end your reservation hold your card over the reader, the lights will cycle through blue to green and your trip is complete.

Give us a call to order your Gig Card for free. If you need one right away, or lost your card, The Berkeley and the Oakland Rockridge AAA branches have cards on hand. Just give us a call to activate your card.

gig car share gig card gas card

Use the fuel card for, well, fuel. Your Gig car should have a full tank when you pick it up, but in case you need to refuel during your trip, we put a fuel card in the glovebox for you to use. Give us a call and we’ll let you know the pin number for the card.

gig car share gig card and gas card

Want more details? Check out our quick 30-second video:

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