The Details: Gig Cards & Refueling

Gig is an app-enabled service. Which means you need cell service or Bluetooth enabled to use the cars.

This can become problematic if you're out of cell service or if your phone dies. Even if you have WIFI on your phone the car still needs to communicate over a cellular network, so you won't be able to unlock in an area without service.

No worries, we've thought of that. Our Gig Cards are RFID enabled and will lock and unlock your car without cell service!

To reserve and unlock tap the card on the windshield card reader. The light should turn from green to orange indicating you are in a reservation. Tap again to lock the car. To end your reservation hold your card over the reader, the lights will cycle through blue to green and your trip is complete.

Give us a call to order your Gig Card for free or order one in the app. It usually takes around 3 business days, but can sometimes take up to two weeks.

If you need one right away, or lost your card, pick up a card at one of the following AAA Offices:




  • AAA Cruise & Travel – M-F - 6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed Sunday) – 1523 15th Ave West.

Hours subject to change, call ahead to make sure they're open and have Gig Cards in stock. 

gig car share gig card gas card

Refueling Gigs

We always do our best to keep the Gigs charged and ready for adventure, but if you need a boost, you can: 

  • Pay out-of-pocket. 
  • Snap a picture of the receipt.
  • Send the receipt photo to (make a note of your Gig email so we can match the account to your trip) or submit your receipt in the form below

We’ll start processing the reimbursement to your card on file within three business days, the bank can take up to five to complete the process. 

Don’t want to pay out-of-pocket? Locate the gas card in the glove box and call Member Support for the PIN. 

Easy, peasy, 🍋squeezy. 

Don’t want to use your own money? There’s a gas card in the glove box — just give us a call for the PIN.

A few gas stations don't accept our fuel cards, but you should be able to use them anywhere other than:

  • Arco
  • ampm
  • Costco
  • Sam's Club

Want more details? Check out our quick 30-second video:

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