We’re here for trips that follow safety guidelines. Please help us protect our community by wearing a proper face covering and bringing wipes to disinfect your Gig before/after each ride.

The HomeZone

We have distinct areas of operations; Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Seattle.

The blue shaded area in the app is called the HomeZone and it's where Gigs live and where you can start and end your trips. The HomeZone can include non-contiguous sections and designated parking lots, just look for blue sections in your app map.

Electric Gigs only live in Sacramento and while they can go anywhere must return to that HomeZone. Hybrid Gigs can end trips in any HomeZone in California. If you begin a trip in the Seattle HomeZone you need to return the Gig to that HomeZone.

Note: Due to the stay-at-home order, Bay Area Hybrid Gigs can’t end trips in Sacramento at this time. Hybrid Gigs located in Sacramento can still end trips in the Bay Area HomeZone. Just call Member Support to end your trip.

You can see the HomeZone boundaries illustrated in the Gig app.

Once you’re in a car, you can take Gig anywhere (within the U.S.) as long as you come back to end your trip in the HomeZone. Need to make a quick stop before you end your trip? No problem. Simply open your app and click Lock > Park and Come Back (you can be outside of the HomeZone to do this).

PLUS – you can start and end trip in:

Learn more about the different parking restrictions here.



Bay Area HomeZone

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