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The HomeZone

The Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, and Albany HomeZone is where Bay Area Gig cars live and where you can start and end your trips. Sacramento Gigs live in their own HomeZone and while the cars can visit each other's HomeZones, they can't end trips there. You always need to return your Gig to its original HomeZone.

See the HomeZone boundaries illustrated below as well as in the Gig app.

Once you’re in a car, you can take Gig anywhere (within the U.S.) as long as you come back to end your trip in the HomeZone. Need to make a quick stop before you end your trip? No problem. Simply open your app and click Lock > Park and Come Back (you can be outside of the HomeZone to do this).

PLUS – you can now start and end trip in:

Learn more about the different parking restrictions here.

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