You + Gig = Getting Things Done! 🏋🏽

Not all heroes wear capes. Most are just getting it done. Like, you + Gig!

When you gotta get there.

Ever had an urgent appointment pop up last minute? 🤔

"I have to take my son to a doctor’s appointment this morning, and I don’t have time to wait for the bus.” - Larry, busy father of two

Don’t worry, Larry, Gig is just minutes away! Just open your Gig app to find a Gig near you and reserve it. No waiting! Let’s get you and your son to that appointment! Together, we've got this!

Pay as You Go

With Gig, you only pay for what you use. Need to run to an appointment? Choose to Pay as You Go in the app. And, remember, fuel, insurance, and parking are always included.

In a pinch?

Ever needed wheels right away, but your car isn't available? 🤔

"My car is in the shop, and I need to visit my folks across the state! What am I going to do?” - Siobhan, caring daughter and part-time superhero

No need to worry, Siohban! Gig can take you! We have multi-day rentals and special prepaid rates. Just open your Gig app to find a Gig near you and reserve it. Choose Prepay and Save. Start packing! We have parents to visit!

Prepaid Rentals at special rates

You can get discounted rates on Gig rentals of 24 hours or longer by paying up front. The amount you save depends on the length of your rental and on your market. Read more.

An event you can't miss?

Not a big fan of flying but need to travel for a special occasion? 🤔

"My sister is getting married in a few weeks, and she’s asked me to be her bridesmaid. I want to go, but I’m afraid of flying and of canceled flights!” - Vrinda, loves her sister, doesn’t love heights

Don’t worry, Vrinda, Gig can take you to that wedding! We’ll do this together! Pick out your dress and write that congratulatory speech! You can even prepay and grab a Gig for up to 7 days, so we can take the long way home (roadtrip )!

Using Gig is simple

We’re ready when you are. Sign up is free. Unlock a car right from your phone (or by using the Gig card) and hit the road. You can Pay as You Go, or Prepay and Save (discounted rates on prepaid rentals of 24 hours or more!) Pow!

Dinner dilemma?

Ever need to run errands around town, and soon? 🤔

"My girlfriend's family is coming over in a few days for dinner. This is my first time meeting them, and I want to impress them. Spice shop, butcher, bakery - there’s so much to do, and I don’t have wheels!” - Samuel, great boyfriend and great cook 

Don’t worry, Samuel! Grab your nearest Gig, and we’ll get you everywhere you need to go. Gig is here for all of your errand needs.

Affordable freedom

With Gig, you only pay for what you use. Need to run errands around town? Choose to Pay as You Go in the app. Make as many stops as you'd like along the way by selecting "Park and Come Back." Parking is included in the HomeZone. (Traveling and parking outside the HomeZone is permitted; just make sure to pay the meter or other parking fees.)

You're Already a Superhero, Getting Things Done!

Become what we call a Gig Samaritan, too!

  • Fuel or charge your Gig if it gets below a quarter tank (or 30% charge)
  • Keep your Gig clean (take your trash with you!) and don't smoke in the Gig
  • Take your Gig anywhere, but make sure to end your trip in the HomeZone
  • Don't park within 12 hours of street sweeping or other city services — know the Gig parking guidelines
  • Order and activate your Gig Card before your next trip and be sure that you can always access your Gig — no matter where you take it. No cell service? Dead phone? No problem!
  • Please drive carefully! No:
    - Excessive speeding
    - Harsh braking or acceleration
    - Sharp cornering
    - Distracted driving

Gigging is a Superpower!

Gig is here to help. With Gig you can:

  • Open the app and find a Gig near you! No waiting!
  • Skip the rental car lines and grab a Gig whenever you need it 
  • Have your own rental car for minutes, hours, days, or multiple days!
  • Prepay to receive discounted rates on Gig rentals of 24 hours or longer by paying for them up front 
  • Focus on what you need to get done — fuel and insurance is included! 

Please note: these are fictional characters, and do not represent actual Gig Members

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