Gig SF Super Group

You’ve been specially chosen to get extra credits for driving Gigs into San Francisco. These trips are super important for us to be able to meet demand in the City, so thank you!

Here are some things to know about this exclusive little club:

  • To get the credits, you must begin a trip in the East Bay and end it in San Francisco.
  • You can take as many trips as you want.
  • You’ll get $20 in Gig Credits for every trip in a 2017 Prius C.
  • From 03/09/2020 to 03/31/2020, you'll get $25 for every trip in 2020 Prius XLE.
  • We’ll tally your trips and apply your credits by 6 p.m. every Monday. 
  • To keep your Gig Supergroup status, you must:
    • Take at least one trip to San Francisco per month.
    • Take more trips to San Francisco than to the East Bay in total. 


We’ll keep this little group going through 3/31/2019 for select members.

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