Think of a Gig as your second car πŸš— πŸš™

One-car households - you have options!

Some households may have recently considered downsizing to one vehicle, or they've made that leap already. There have been many changes in the past year that may have affected the way we travel, commute, and work that may be behind why some are reconsidering owning more than one vehicle. Downsizing to one car can have multiple benefits. And, GIG Car Share can be your "second car" when you need to get around.

Save money

Vehicles expenses can be one of our biggest line items in our budget. From registration and insurance bills to fuel and maintenance costs, it can add up. Downsizing to one car can relieve you of some of the everyday expenses (and could even help you pay off some debt).

Environmental impact

Some may want to downsize to one car because of the environmental impact it can have. Owning one less car = less carbon footprint.

GIG Car Share as your "second car"

Need to run errands, pick up a friend, take a trip to the doctor or vet, or just get across town and your household car is being utilized? Consider using Gig as your additional mode of transportation. There are a few reasons why Members find using GIG Car Share to be easy and safe:

  • Membership is free! There's no cost to join
  • Only pay for what you use at whichever rate is lowestβ€”by minute, hour, or day
  • Fuel and insurance is included (exception: 30 day EV car rental doesn't including charging)
  • Roadside assistance and 24/7 support is included
  • Gig cars are hybrid and electric vehicles - reducing your carbon footprint
  • Gig has HomeZones in Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area
  • You will be driving your own vehicle - Gig Members are asked to treat the cars like their own, and are asked to follow cleanliness and safety guidelines

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