Five Tips For Being A Five ⭐ Gig Member

It’s one of the very first lessons we learn in life — to share. And yet it’s the one we seem to forget most often. At Gig, we believe in the power of a different word. Ours.

GIG Car Share Members are part of a thriving community of adventurers, and it's the work we do together that will maintain our strength. It's not just the road that we share in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, but also each Gig.

Here are five tips that will help you become a noble Gig Member (or as we like to say, a Gig Samaritan):

Know Your HomeZone

The HomeZone is where Gig cars (AKA Gigs) live, and where you can start and end your trips. It is the blue-shaded area outlined in the Gig app.

You can take a Gig anywhere (within the contiguous U.S.) and stop as much as you like along the way — just end your trip in your Gig's original HomeZone.

Park it Right

🅿️  Read up on our parking guidelines.

⚠️ We take care of parking meters in the HomeZones, but you can still get parking tickets if you park illegally.

🚫 Don’t end a trip within 12 hours of any posted parking restrictions, including city services such as street sweeping.

Keep it Clean

😊 Always leave the interior of your Gig clean for the next Member. Take any trash or personal items with you at the end of your trip.

🚭 No smoking in Gig cars. We charge a $100 smoking/vaping fee plus $25 processing fee.

📞 Please report any cleanliness issues to Member Support.

Get a Gig Card

Our service is app-enabled and uses Bluetooth® and cell reception. A Gig Card can be used to lock/unlock your car so your Gig is always ready to go, even in areas with poor cell service or when your phone's battery runs low.

Request a Gig Card in the app. Once you have your Gig Card in hand, make sure to call Member Support at (800) 464-0889 to activate it before you hit the road.

Stay Up-to-Date on Rates

We charge the lowest rate available, whether by the minute, hour, or day. Plus, we often post special promotions. So keep an eye on the Rates page for the latest.


Think Ours. Think Earth. Think Gig.
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