Car Sharing 101 with Gig

Car sharing has been around for many years. The concept is simple — a few, several, or many people share a vehicle — sharing the benefits of transportation while also sharing costs.

There are several different ways car sharing works. Here are some of the basics of the different car-sharing models, how GIG Car Share works, and some of the benefits for car-sharing participants.   

Is car sharing cheaper than owning a car?

Owning a car has a lot of attached costs, such as the purchase or lease, car maintenance, insurance, registration, and fuel. When you only pay for transportation when you need it, you can save money. And, with Gig, we cover your fuel and parking in the HomeZone!

How does car sharing with GIG Car Share differ from traditional car rental companies?

Renting a car from a traditional rental car agency can take a lot of time and energy. First, you will need to travel to the rental car office, instead of being able to find a car located near you (like with Gig). Once you are there, you need to fill out paperwork while they prepare your rental car. With Gig, there’s no waiting, no lines, and no hidden fees (like no young driver fees)! Once you sign up (signing up is free!) and are approved, you’re ready to grab a Gig and go!

How does car sharing with GIG Car Share differ from peer-to-peer car sharing services?

With some car share services that offer privately owned cars, you may have to coordinate with the owner of the rental car to pick it up, and some may feel uncomfortable going to a destination provided by the owner of the vehicle. And, because the car is privately owned, there may be different stipulations and rules (like no pets) depending on the car and the owner. GIG Car Share offers a fleet of hybrids that are professionally maintained and ready to be rented near you. There’s no coordinating a pick up and drop off time with Gig — you have the freedom to choose how long you rent the car.

How does car sharing with GIG Car Share differ from a ride-sharing app?

Most ride-sharing companies offer transportation in which you commonly contact the company, request a ride, and are assigned a car/driver to pick you up to take you to your destination. There can be a few restrictions around this model, including wait times, restrictions around destinations, and the inability to change your destination or add destinations. Car sharing like GIG Car Share offers a car for you to rent without the restrictions of relying on another driver. With Gig, you are in control of your journey, and you decide when and where you go! 

Gas is covered by GIG Car Share. How does that work?

We always pay for fueling, either through reimbursing you for an out-of-pocket expense or the fuel card located in most GIg. Read more.

Where can I start my Gig trip and where can I end it?

The HomeZone is the area where you can start and end a trip. You can see the HomeZone boundaries in the app. You can take a Gig anywhere within the Contiguous United States (excluding Illinois and Texas) as long as your trip ends back in the HomeZone, but our vehicles are not allowed to leave the country at any point.

How can I learn more about taking a trip with GIG Car Share?

Check out our Youtube Channel, where we have several tutorials around using Gig. Our Gig Tutorial Playlist includes helpful emails around how to sign up, what the HomeZone is, how to turn your Gig on, how to fuel (and get reimbursed), how to use the bike rack, and how to use the Gig Card. Things You Should Know about GIG Car Share offers some helpful tips that will make your Gig trip awesome.

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