We’re here for trips that follow health and safety orders. Please help us protect our community by wearing a proper face covering and bringing wipes to disinfect your Gig before/after each ride.

Multi-day Rentals At Special Rates

Ready to get started? Open the Gig app, choose a car, and click on “Multi-Day” instead of “Reserve This Car” to start your Multi-day Rental booking process. You can then select the number of days you want to rent this car for and click “Pay and Reserve” to prepay for your rental. An active rental screen will pop up with the time and date you’ll return the car.

Special Pricing. Increased Convenience and Savings!

  • Grab the car right from the curb, no need to travel to a rental office.
  • Contactless transportation, no extra people, just you and your crew.
  • Affordable all-inclusive rates; as low as $35 a day (prices vary by market, length of rental, and vehicle type).
  • AAA Members save an additional 10%. Promos will be applied after checkout

You can now rent the car for any given days for up to 7 days. Sacramento also has a 14-day rental option available.

  Bay Area Seattle Sacramento






1 Day





2 Days





3 Days





4 Days





5 Days





6 Days





7 Days

$371 $329 $259


14 Days





All-Inclusive Rentals.

Multi-day Rentals come with all of the usual perks and benefits of Gig Membership:

  • Fuel: Always included (EV Monthly Rentals excluded). Pay out-of-pocket, and submit your receipt for reimbursement at gigcarshare.com/fuel.
  • Maintenance: We make sure these Gigs are ready to go!
  • Insurance: Always included, so there’s one less thing to worry about.²
  • AAA Roadside Assistance: Trusted support, available 24/7.
  • Parking: Free street parking in the HomeZone (EV Monthly Rentals excluded).³ No need to feed the meter!

How It Works.

Using our Multi-day Rentals is as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Starting Your Rental: Select the car you want to rent (it will be your dedicated Gig) from the main screen and tap “Multi-Day” to start your booking.
  2. Using Your Rental: You can simply drive around as you normally would. 250 miles per day are included in the rental. For each day that you go over, you’ll be charged $0.45 per mile.
  3. Ending Your Rental: When your rental ends, simply make sure you are in the HomeZone to end your Multi-day Rental before your rental time is up. You get a 30-minute grace period and after that, you’ll be charged a late fee of $15.99 an hour.

Increased Cleanliness Efforts.

We have taken a number of steps to protect our community:

  • Doubling our steam-cleanings.
  • Disinfecting high-touch points – such as the steering wheel and turn signals.
  • Encouraging Members to wear proper face coverings and bring antiviral wipes to wipe down their ride before and after each trip.

Read all about our expanded cleaning efforts here.

¹Prepayment required. Additional fees apply ($0.45 per mile) for going over 250 miles per day. Offer is subject to change at any time.
²For more information, see Member Agreement.
³HomeZone is the blue-shaded area in the app where you can begin and end your Gig trips.

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