No Access Fee – $14.99/Month

We’re thrilled to announce a new program for folks who take lots of Gig trips: introducing GigPass!

GigPass Members never pay the $1 Access Fee on any trips, and it’s only $14.99 a month. To sign up for GigPass and avoid that fee, just fill out the form below to get started.

The $1 Access Fee will be applied to all trips starting August 1, 2020.* The $14.99 will be on autopay and you can cancel at any time (but you'll be back to paying a buck a trip). 

You can sign up anytime or cancel GigPass at any time.

Fill out the form below to get started.

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GigPass Terms and Conditions

Your purchase and use of GIG Car Share Subscription (“GIG Subscription”) is subject to these terms and conditions (the “GIG Subscription Terms”), as well as the GIG Car Share Member Agreement located at (the “Member Agreement”). By purchasing, activating, or otherwise using GIG Subscription or any of its associated services or features, you agree to these GIG Subscription Terms, which include important details, restrictions and billing information, and to the Member Agreement. In the event of any conflict between these GIG Subscription Terms and the Member Agreement, these GIG Subscription Terms will prevail. 

The GIG Subscription is available to those members who have an existing account to access the GIG Car Share services (“GIG Services”). When you purchase a GIG Subscription, you will be charged on the date of the purchase, which activates the GIG Subscription for the then-current month. The price per month for the GIG Subscription is available in the FAQs located at Your GIG Subscription membership will automatically renew, and the credit card or debit card you selected as the default payment method will be charged (plus applicable taxes), at the start of every billing period until cancelled. If you join GIG Subscription pursuant to an introductory or promotional offer, your membership will automatically renew at the regular price at the conclusion of the initial offer period. You may cancel GIG Subscription at any time by calling Member Support Center at (800) 464-0889 or send an email request at [email protected]. Your card will not be charged again; no prorated or other refunds for the current billing cycle will be available. GIG Subscription is only available in the United States service areas where GIG Services are available. Limit one (1) GIG Subscription membership per GIG Services account. 

Further, your GIG Subscription may give you access to a discounts on the then-applicable rates and charges to use the standard GIG Services (the “Discount”). Additional information on this Discount is available by calling the Member Support Center at at (800) 464-0889.  The Discount will only apply to GIG Services that are reserved using your personal GIG Services account, and that commence while your GIG Subscription is active. 

A3 Mobility LLC (“we”, “our” or “us”) reserves the right to immediately suspend, terminate or revoke your access to GIG Subscription (i) if we suspect that you have engaged in fraudulent or abusive activity, (ii) no longer maintain the Eligibility Criteria as provided in the Member Agreement, (iii) upon the occurrence of any circumstance as provided in the Member Agreement, or (iv) at any time in our sole discretion. We reserve the right to modify these GIG Subscription Terms from time to time, effective upon posting to the Mobile App. Your continued use of GIG Subscription following such modification will constitute your agreement of the revised GIG Subscription Terms. Any increase in the price of GIG Subscription and any change in the Discount will only take effect with at least thirty (30) days’ notice to provide you an opportunity to cancel your membership. We may provide such price updates through the Mobile App or by email. 

GIG Subscription is nonrefundable, has no cash value, is not redeemable for cash (except as required by law), and may not be transferred, exchanged or resold. GIG Subscription may not be combined with other promotions, discounts, or offers, unless such combination is expressly permitted. Membership in GIG Subscription requires a valid credit card or debit card on file as the default payment method. If your payment method is expired or declined, your GIG Subscription membership will be suspended and we will prompt you to enter a valid payment method. Taxes apply where applicable. 

These GIG Subscription Terms were last updated on July 27, 2020.

Autopay Payment Authorization

You authorize A3 Mobility LLC (“we”, “us”) to automatically electronically debit or charge any credit card or debit card you designate (the "Payment Card") for your monthly recurring GIG Car Share Subscription (“GIG Subscription”) payment in the amount set forth on your billing statement. We will debit or charge this payment on your Payment Card on your due date each month.  

The amount we debit or charge each month on your Payment Card will be reflected on your billing statement based on the features of your GIG Subscription. You authorize us to vary the amount of payment, without notice, to reflect the GIG Subscription options chosen by you. We will not seek further authorization from you if the amount of your GIG Subscription is no more than 150% of the amount you paid the prior month.  

In the event that an electronic debit is rejected, you authorize us to reinitiate it up to two times (but you agree that we are not obligated to do so). You also authorize us to initiate separate electronic debits for any returned payment fees we may assess when they happen (additional surcharges for declined payment processing may apply as well).  If you know that an electronic debit will be rejected by your bank, contact us as soon as possible to make alternate payment arrangements.  In the event that we make an error in processing an electronic debit, you authorize us to correct the error by initiating an electronic credit or debit in the amount of such error on or after the date such error occurs.

This Autopay authorization will remain in effect until it is revoked, terminated or you satisfy your obligations in full.  If you want to revoke your Autopay authorization, let us know at least three business days before your due date by calling us at (800) 464-0889 or [email protected].  If you call, we may also require you to put your request in writing and get it to us within fourteen (14) days after you call. 

We may also terminate your enrollment in Autopay at any time for any reason, including returned payments. You understand that if you revoke your Autopay authorization or if we terminate your Autopay enrollment, you are still responsible for making your monthly GIG Subscription payments. You understand that electronic debits are subject to applicable law and network rules. 

You promise that you are an authorized signer on any account associated with your Payment Card. In the event, you close that account for any reason, be sure to update your banking information with us to avoid any lapse in payments by (800) 464-0889 or [email protected]

*Offer subject to change at any time. Can’t be combined with other offers or promotions. Bundles have the $1 Access Fee included in the price.

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