Why choose Gig
for your business?

GIG Car Share, powered by AAA, is a mobility service that provides a safe, convenient, and cost-effective transit option for businesses (large and small), residential complexes, and fleet needs, in the Bay Area and Seattle.

Employee Transit Team members need a convenient, reliable way to commute to work, run work errands, and head to meetings or the airport—and you need easy billing.

Independent Contractors

A flexible and affordable way to drive—whether you’re a restaurant making deliveries, or a contractor working for a platform like DoorDash.

Residential Complexes

Attract and retain tenants with a safe, eco-friendly mobility option located right on-site.

Reserve a car in the app,
Get In and Go.

Our Fleet

Hybrid & Electric car-sharing is a low-emission transit option.

Prius C

Serving the Bay Area with 500 vehicles

Prius XLE

Serving Seattle with 250 vehicles

Often Queried Quandaries

Are Gig Members able to add a business credit card, in addition to a personal credit card?

Yes, it’s simple. Go to “Payments & Promos” on the app menu and click on “Add Card”. You will have the opportunity to designate the card you add as business or personal.

Can a Business Member provide one credit card for multiple employees?

Yes, a business can provide one credit card, labeled as a business credit card, for multiple employees. This does require a special process via our Member Care team.

How does billing work for Business Members?

Currently, Gig provides instant billing, with a receipt sent directly to a Member’s email after each trip.

Can a business purchase Gig Credits to distribute to employees?

Yes, please inquire how at [email protected].

Is there a corporate discount program available?

Yes, please inquire at [email protected].

“Gigs are very easy to use, either with an app or card, and I especially like the fact that they are environmental-friendly electric vehicles. For me, using a Gig is much less expensive than owning a second car, given the short distance from home to work. In fact, a Gig round-trip costs less than it would to park my own car for the day, and that doesn’t include other costs associated with car ownership (taxes, insurance, fuel, depreciation).”

—A.G. Block,
Owner of The Backward Gang

“I ride my motorcycle a lot to work so many times I’ll use a Gig when needing to ride with someone from the office or when going to the Bay Area. I like Gig for the simplicity of grabbing a ride and control of my route.”

—J. Roberts,
Owner of TAYNR

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