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Where to park your Gig Car

Where can I park my Gig car, anyway?

Great question. Here’s the lowdown:

Park in the HomeZone in any of the following spots:

• Residential parking permit areas
• Metered parking as long as it’s two hours or more
• Designated parking spots at BART stations
• Oakland Airport, Park ’N Fly lot–82 98th Ave, Oakland, CA 94603, Enter the main Park ‘N Fly entrance, take a ticket from the machine, and place it in the cup holder for the next Member. Turn left to park in the reserved Gig parking spaces. End your rental and wait for the Park ’N Fly shuttle to pick you up next to the Gig. To pick up a Gig, locate and reserve your Gig before boarding the Park ’N Fly shuttle. The shuttle picks up passengers from all terminals at the 4E curb. Alert the Park ’N Fly driver you’re getting a Gig car and you’ll be dropped off at the Gig section. Proceed to the exit and present the ticket in the cup holder to the cashier to leave the lot. Don't worry, you won't be charged for this ticket.

DON’T park:

• Within 12 hours of a street sweeping zone
• In handicapped spots, in front of fire hydrants, loading zones, or any other restricted parking areas. Basically just be a good citizen and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind:

You’re also welcome to park in legal spots outside of the HomeZone during stopovers. So take your Gig for a day trip and go explore our beautiful Bay Area.

Just a heads up though - you are responsible for paying for parking outside of the HomeZone and you can’t end your trip if you’re not in the HomeZone. You’re also on the hook for any tickets or tows so obey the laws and you’re set.

We break down the parking guidelines in 23 seconds in our video:

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