West Sacramento Here We Come!

Guess what?!? We expanded into West Sacramento and a portion of North Fruitridge! That’s right. We’ve jumped the river and pushed into the county to help connect our neighbors.  Open the app and explore new lots and parking spots!

Gig on-street parking at: 

  • D Street
  • 2nd & C streets
  • G Street
  • 5th Street

Please don't end trips in B Permit Zones or other restricted parking areas. Just remember: park in B get stung with a ticket.🐝

Designated parking lots:

We’re also excited to expand into the Lawrence Park and South Oak Park neighborhoods. Woo hoo!

As always, we couldn’t have done this without the support of local leaders in both of these forward-thinking cities, and the Members using Gig to help them do more with their days.

Send a Gig Referral to your West Sac and South Sac friends and earn $25 when they take their first trip (they’ll get $25 in Gig Credits to get started). Tap “Free Rides” in the app to get started.

Thank you for your support as we continue to expand, serving more Sacramentans than ever!


Pro Tip: As we expand, remember you can always leave the HomeZone for longer trips, just return the Gig to any legal spot within the blue-shaded area in the app to end your trip. Learn more about our parking your Gig.

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