Using GIG Car Share for delivery gig work 🚙

SF Bay Area and Seattle - Do you need a car to use for delivery gig work? 🍕 GIG Car Share supports your side hustle. Check out the ways we can help. Download the app, sign up, and Grab a Gig!

Reserve by the hour

Sign up for free in 5 minutes - no credit check, just a valid Drivers License and Credit Card. Insurance, maintenance, and fuel is included, as always.

8-hour bundle pricing

Seattle and San Francisco Bay Area, grab a Gig for $59.99 for 8 hours.

Prices subject to change, please check the app for the most up-to- rates.

Special Multi-day pricing

Open the Gig app, choose a car, and click on “Multi-Day” instead of “Reserve This Car” to start your Multi-day Rental booking process. You can then select the number of days you want to rent this car for and click “Pay and Reserve” to prepay for your rental. An active rental screen will pop up with the time and date you’ll return the car.

Golden Gigs

We’ve found a way to make your quickest trips more affordable. If you’re taking a trip under an hour, check the app for a ‘Golden Gig,’ marked with a gold symbol on the app. These special Gigs have a reduced rate.

Grab a Gig and Go!

Sign up instantly, get the app, get a car, and get going! For IOS and Android.

Additional considerations

  • Surcharge over 250 miles per rental period: $0.45/mile
  • Tolls: Every car is registered with the FasTrak system. Tolls are automatically billed to your account the following month.
  • Trips must be re-synced every 24/hours or your payment will be declined and we'll charge you a fee. If the vehicle isn't moving we automatically re-sync the trip and you're good to go. If the car is in use we'll contact you and ask that you pull over for a minute while we reset your trip.
  • Being a Gig Member is all about sharing, and that means leaving the car sparkling clean for the next Member.

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