World Tourism Day

The United Nations World Tourism Organization designated September 27 as World Tourism Day in 1980, to foster awareness of the social, cultural, political, and economic value of tourism. The focus this year is “Tourism for Inclusive Growth.”

Experiencing different places is an amazing opportunity for learning and growth. It is a privilege and a pleasure. And when we do, there are ways that we can be respectful and informed travelers.

Ways to be a respectful tourist

⭐ Do your research before traveling: Learn the dos and don’ts of the place you are visiting.

⭐  Be open-minded and ready to learn about different cultures.

⭐ Respect the customs and beliefs of the people who live in the areas you are visiting; and always dress appropriately. 

⭐  Always follow the area’s rules.

⭐ Learn a few phrases of the local language. 

⭐  Contribute to the local economy.

⭐  Never litter; dispose of trash responsibly and leave places cleaner than when you arrived. (Always relevant!)

Staying local

Whether you live in Northern California or Seattle, we are all lucky to be surrounded by beautiful and interesting areas and attractions. Have you gone exploring lately*? Sometimes a staycation — or even just a day off — is a great opportunity to get to know where you live.

Here are a few tips to make the most of a local adventure: 

⭐ Stay in a hotel or rental property for a few days to really get those vacation vibes.

⭐ Take a local tour to learn more about the area from experts. 

⭐ Check out your city’s visitor center for some new destination ideas.

Explore your hometown

Here are a few destinations in your city that are worth discovering (or rediscovering):

Bay Area

The Oakland Zoo is dedicated to wildlife conservation and education. Take the gondola up to the new California Trail exhibit! 

Visit the Telegraph Avenue district in Berkeley and visit the shops, vendors, and eateries located at the heart of the city. 

Take a picnic and spend a few hours in San Francisco’s Dolores Park. Not only is it a great place to people watch, you get a spectacular view of the city skyline.   

You knew we were going to say it, and we are! Visit the Space Needle and, as they say, “experience the wow!” 

Head over to Pike Place Market to shop, eat, and support local vendors!

Learn more about the region’s history at MOHAI (the Museum of History and Industry). Use a WWII-era periscope to experience a 360-degree city view!

See you out there!

Gig is here to help you discover the world around you! What a better way to spend World Tourism Day than to Grab a  Gig and Go (explore)! 

*As always, be sure to follow your area's travel restrictions.

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