We’re here for trips that follow safety guidelines. Please help us protect our community by wearing a proper face covering and bringing wipes to disinfect your Gig before/after each ride.

Take a Gig and support local elementary schools

Starting Dec. 2 through Thursday, Dec. 5, we’re donating $1 per trip to Playworks, a nonprofit committed to helping kids learn safe and inclusive play on the playground!  Your trips will help fund exciting recess programs for elementary school students in Oakland and Sacramento. How cool is that?

At Gig, we believe in the power of sharing! It’s what makes car-sharing work! That’s why we’re supporting the important mission of Playworks to help develop the next generation of mindful, kind, and sharing people to help make our communities safer and better places.

"We had a handful of students who never wanted to go to the yard at recess time," said one partner school principal, "One of these students would come to the office every break and pretend to be sick. After we saw this pattern, we provided him with indoor opportunities to play a game with the social worker. Once Playworks started, this student stopped coming to the office. He not only felt more comfortable out on the yard, but I saw him develop friendships with his peers, which he did not have before." 

At Gig we're working to make the world more accessible and inclusive and this aligns with Playworks mission and ethos.

These donations will go to fund equipment in 17 schools and provide junior coach leadership materials for about 28 schools.


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