We’re here for trips that follow safety guidelines. Please help us protect our community by wearing a proper face covering and bringing wipes to disinfect your Gig before/after each ride.

Five tips for being a five ⭐ Gig Member

It’s one of the very first lessons we learn in life — to share. And yet it’s the one we seem to forget most often. At Gig, we believe in the power of a different word. Ours.

Gig Members are part of a rad community of busy, important, good-looking, eco-conscious adventurers and we all need to work together to keep it strong. Because we’re not just sharing the road, we’re also sharing these cars.


Park Smart The idea is simple even if the parking restrictions aren’t: always leave your car in a legal spot. Different cities have different rules, so make sure to review the parking guidelines before heading out.
No Cigs in the Gigs You’re never alone in a Gig. Someone else might pick it up moments after you’re done. You’re basically sharing the same air, so keep it clean and only smoke outside.
Leave It Cleaner Than You Found It Leave only your good vibes behind for the next Member and, if you find anything in a car that shouldn’t be there, be a Gig Samaritan and toss/recycle/compost it — whatever is appropriate.
Wave With All Five Fingers Life’s too short for road rage and it’s too long for regret. Besides, they say taking the high road gets you there faster anyway.
Grab Your Gig Card A Gig is great for exploring the city and beyond. Trouble is, “beyond” doesn’t always get the best reception. A Gig Card means you can always lock/unlock the car. Order yours for free.
BONUS TIP: Share The Gig Love For every friend you refer that takes a trip, you’ll get $25 in Gig Credits (and a whole bunch of karma to boot).

Think ours. Think Earth. Thing Gig.

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