Same Great Service, Brand-New Cars!

We’re thrilled to bring you 75 new Hybrid Gigs in the Bay Area HomeZone! These new Gigs — 2020 Hybrid Toyota Prius XLE models — come fully stocked with exciting new features, like:

  • Wireless phone charging dock
  • Advanced safety systems
  • Large multimedia display compatible with Apple CarPlay
  • Extensive legroom and cargo space! 

These cars boast 62+ cubic square feet of cargo space for those long trips or large grocery runs. Look for them in the app marked with the “New” button. 

The new Hybrid Gigs are going to be the same great rate as our other Gigs — just $0.40 per minute, up to $15 per hour, and $55 for 8 hours. 

There are a few items worth noting when using these fancy new Gigs.

Parking: Use the “P” button on the middle console to put the car in Park. The parking brake is located next to the brake pedal on the left side. Use your left foot to push it as far as it will go. You can release the parking brake by stepping on it again and then letting go.

Backing up: When you put the car in reverse, you’ll hear a substantial beeping — that’s just telling you the car’s in Reverse. 

Shifting gears: Move the knob in the direction indicated on the arrows on the knob. The front console will tell you what mode you’re in.

B-mode: Indicates “engine braking,” which mimics downshifting. Use B-mode when driving downhill, it also charges the car’s battery.



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