Reclaiming The Summer Of 2020

Okay, so we’ve all been on cooped up for months and are getting a little more than stir-crazy. Summer is more than halfway through and many of us haven’t ventured much further than the corner store to pick up more flour and yeast. 

We’re all facing a dilemma: Maintain our physical health at the expense of our mental health, or take a risk and care for our hearts and minds. No activity is zero-risk anymore — but there are outings with considerably lower risk than others. We aren’t infectious disease experts, so take everything we say with a huge heaping helping of salt and do your own research.

With that being said, here are some tips for staving off the lockdown blues and reclaiming the summer. Remember to grab a Gig Card before you take off, for phone-free locking/unlocking. 

Once again, before doing anything, be sure to read the CDC’s guidelines for limiting your risk of exposure during any given activity.

Plan a Staycation

Traveling long distances can be tricky and possibly stressful. Consider planning little day trips to nearby nature preserves, or even a regional campground. 

Head to a local park and play lawn games, they’re a great way to stay six feet apart and still have some socialization time. Have you tried Kuub (or viking chess, you throw sticks at blocks)?

Hop in a Gig, do a quick grocery store run, and throw a tiki party! Get dressed up, bust out the blender, and make fruity beverages while listening to the Moana soundtrack. Try these non-alcoholic tropical mocktail recipes for a healthy and festive treat. Here are some more fun tips on getting the most out of a staycation from Atlassian.

Take Advantage of the Drive-In

Movie theaters might be closed, but drive-ins are booming. If you back up the Gig to the screen, you can put down the seats, fill the back with pillows and blankets, and open the hatch so you can stretch out and snuggle. Don’t forget snacks!

Take Yourself on a Historical Driving Tour

This requires two people. One person picks an interesting place to drive around, the other one looks up interesting facts about places on Wikipedia and reports their findings. Did you know the Bay Area city of Albany was founded after women with guns stopped men from Berkeley from dumping garbage in their town? They were so tired of being a dumping ground for Berkeley they turned the wagons away with guns and incorporated as a city. 

What other fun facts will you learn about your region? 


  • Wear a proper face covering in public.
  • Pack an anti-virus kit: Hand sanitizer, masks, anti-bacterial wipes. 
  • Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands regularly, and especially before/after interactions with others or touching shared surfaces.
  • Stay six feet away from people outside your bubble.

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