Preferred Seating, Always!

Why choose Gig over flying? Here's why!

Know this story?

Get in line. Take off your shoes. Rush to the gate. Get into another line. Look for a bin for your bag. Oh no, is that my middle seat? 🙁

Flying can be really stressful. All the, the rushing, then the waiting, the people, the noise, the $10 bottles of water, the delays. There’s gotta be an easier way to travel! 🤔

With GIG Car Share, there’s no waiting, no lines, and no cramped seats! You’re  in control of your journey with Gig (and you can bring your own water bottle). 

Just find a car, book it, and you’re on your way! And did you know that you get discounted rates on Gig rentals of 24 hours or longer by paying for them up front? Now you do! 😀

Gas/EV charging, insurance, and parking in the HomeZone are all included. 🤩

Gig All-Inclusive Rates

We know that affordability and value are important to our Members. Our all-inclusive rates continue to include the following benefits:

✅ Free Membership — if you don’t use Gig, you don’t pay for it.

✅ Fuel is included— snap a photo of your receipt and send it in for reimbursement.

✅ Insurance is included, as always.

✅ 24/7 support.

✅ Roadside assistance.

Ready When You Are

Using Gig is simple. Just find a car, unlock, inspect, and go. No need to return the car to the same spot. Simply leave Gig in any approved parking space in the HomeZone and boom — you’re done. All Gigs must begin and end trips in their original HomeZone. Watch our tutorials on YouTube.

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