Driving a Gig in Extremely Hot Weather 🌡️

Best practices for driving while hot 🥵

As temperatures rise, it's good to know how to make driving a hot car a little more bearable.

Here are some tips to make your experience more enjoyable during extremely hot times:

🌡️ First off, never, ever leave children or pets in the car. There is evidence that even if there are relatively cool temperatures outside, the temperature inside a vehicle will rise significantly.  In addition, a study found that leaving windows cracked does NOT significantly decrease the maximum temperature measured inside the vehicle.* 

🌡️ Bring a cool, damp rag. Wipe the steering wheel and the seat down, letting evaporative cooling take effect.

🌡️ When you first enter the car, roll down the passenger-side window. Then, get out of the car and leave the driver-side door open. This will help get the hot air out of the car, while allowing the cool air in. It also helps to "fan" (open and almost close) the door several times, moving air in and out.

🌡️ Bring plenty of cool water to drink.

🌡️ Remember that heat can melt items such as sunglasses and electronics. Don't leave items exposed in an enclosed car.

🌡️ High temperatures can impact tire pressure and battery life. If you see battery or tire pressure warning lights on your dashboard, call or text Member Support at 800-464-0889.

🌡️ EV Gig drivers - monitor your battery range. Batteries drain much faster when the air conditioner is on full speed. 

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