Gig To The Most Haunted Spots In The Bay Area

Looking for some Halloween heebie-jeebies? Well, the Bay Area is packed full of creepy paranormal activity, so grab your proton pack, hop in a Gig, and check out some of the most haunted places in the Bay Area. 

The USS Hornet
Due to dangerous working conditions and a tragic high suicide rate, the USS Hornet aircraft carrier saw more than 300 deaths in its 27 years of service. The ship is now docked in Alameda and you can swing by easily in a Gig. 

Visitors have reported seeing objects move, heard disembodied footsteps, and experienced unexplained cold spots.

View of Alcatraz Island in 1895, showing the lighthouse and prison buildings. / Public Domain

San Francisco Bay
Alcatraz Prison
This famous island prison has been non-operational since 1963, but still has many stories to tell. Alcatraz was designed to break the spirits of the most hardened and gruesome of criminals, and it’s said that some of those spirits can’t seem to move on and haunt the grounds to this day.

Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, and other anomalies in the historic prison.

Viktoriia Bondar / Pixabay

San Jose
Winchester Mystery House
The story goes that the widow of the inventor of the Winchester rifle was haunted by the victims of her husband’s invention, so she spent her life adding on to her house so as to appease the ghosts. The result is a huge maze of hallways and seven stories of rooms with architectural oddities, like doors and stairways to nowhere and windows looking into other rooms. 

San Francisco
The Chapel, Valencia Street
Valencia Street is now known for hella cute boutiques, coffee shops, and eateries, but up until 1949, it was the location for most of San Francisco’s mortuaries. There was a streetcar that ran from Valencia to Colma, where the dead outnumber the living by more than 1,000 to one. The Chapel was one such mortuary with an incinerator in the basement. 

Folks claim to have witnessed mysterious bottles exploding, heard footsteps in an empty building, and faucets being turned off and on. 

The Claremont Hotel
The stately, white mansion hotel is said to be home to the specter of a young girl in Room 422 — and, every so often, you can smell the faint scent of smoke, said to be from when the original hotel burned down in 1901.

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