Gig The Last Mile – Your Commute Solution

In the Bay Area, commutes are an almost universal experience and everyone’s is unique. At Gig, we hope to fill in the gaps in our Members’ commutes to make every day a little easier. Whether you take a bus, train, bike, scooter, or jet pack, sometimes a commute can be helped with a zippy Hybrid Gig, free fuel and parking!

Going public

We’ve partnered with BART to provide designated Gig parking spaces at the Ashby, North Berkeley, Rockridge, Lake Merritt, MacArthur, and West Oakland stations. If those spots are filled, you can find street parking around the stations (no need to feed the meter, just park in any 2+ hour zone). 🚇

Because you can park a Gig almost anywhere in the HomeZone, you can grab a Gig and drive over to your favorite Transbay bus stop to hop on a nice, wifi-enabled, air-conditioned bus and jet across the bridge. 🚍

Bicycle, bicycle, biiiiiiiiicycle! 🎶

Is a bike a big part of your commute? Gigs all have custom Thule bike rakes to help you bike a little and drive a little. If it's too hard to get the bike on the top of the car you can always put the back seat down and put the bike in the back. 

Get by with a little help from friends. 🎶

Carpooling across the Bay Bridge is another option to get into SF, but not everyone has carpool buddies. No worries, that’s where Casual Carpool comes in. Grab a Gig and pull through the Casual Carpool line to pick up a few more folks and breeze into The City. End your trip in one of our designated lots in San Francisco.

Grab your nautical-themed pashminas 🎶

Is there a better way to commute than with the salt air in your face? Jack London Square and the Alameda Ferry terminals are both located inside the HomeZone.

Do you use Gig for your last mile? Tell us about it, Tweet at us, use the tag #GigTheLastMile.

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