Four Solutions for Local Winter Adventures

In the SF Bay Area and Seattle

With the new year comes the opportunity to change up routines, get some fresh air, and enjoy winter, which is essential and allowed.

Even if January doesn’t bring a snowy wonderland where you’re from, there is still plenty of fun, outdoor life to enjoy in winter wherever you are. Here are our favorite solitary wintry activities (as always, be sure to wear a mask and follow travel restrictions for your area)

kestrel, hawk

Credit - Delaney Van Vranken -

Winter Bird Watching

One advantage to warmer climates is that local rare birds don’t fly the coop, and we’re not just talking city pigeons. Several species of hawk can be found in the right open habitats, including Kestrels, Merlins, and Red-tailed hawks.

According to HawkMountain, these hawks can be found in pastures, parklands, and open spaces with cavities for nesting and perches for hunting.

Note - while this is a very safe single-household activity for stay at home order purposes, you may want to avoid bringing your sub-20 lb pets along on a hawk-watching excursion.  

ladybug clusters, lady bug hunting

Credit - Michael Wellenger - pexels

Lucky Ladybug Hunting

Lady beetles, or ladybugs have been a part of American folklore since before revolutionary times. These little pest-consuming garden friends are thought to bring good luck, and counting the number of spots on its back is thought to predict months of good fortune ahead.

The colder months are known for mass ladybug migrations. Since they can’t fly when the temperature drops below 55 degrees, they can sometimes be discovered in huge lady clusters in woodsy places, especially in the lower half of the west coast. They typically can be found on plants that attract insect herbivores including honeysuckle, fleabane, and aspen trees.

If you spot a ladybug and grab a hi-res picture, you can send it to the Lost Ladybug Project, a university collection of ladybug photos from all across the country. 

*FYI -- It's probably a bit too cold for ladybug cluster hunting in Seattle this time of year, but open season in Northern California.

Credit - Snapwire - pexels

Chasing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are both an awesome elemental force of nature and a place of tranquility.  In Chinese mythology, a rushing waterfall is often contrasted with the rocks below to symbolize the duality of yin and yang. 

There are massive ‘cataracts,’ narrow ‘chutes,’ and rocky-stepped ‘cascades’ all over the west coast.  There are plenty of popular waterfall hikes near all three Gig HomeZones.

Credit - Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash.


Winter 2021 has many heavenly delights in store, including close planetary encounters. Grab a blanket and head to an area away from environmental light to spend some time pondering the wonder of the universe.

Make a Day of It

While you are trailblazing on your pandemic-approved New Year’s excursion, take us up on our affordable 8-hr bundles and day rates.

Here’s to finding the fun in 2021.      

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