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Your first Gig Car trip

Everything you need to know for your first Gig trip.

1. Get the app.

First things first. Download the app for Android or iOS. It's how you'll unlock the cars, see where cars are available, and more!

2. Complete app registration

Grab your payment card and drivers license. You'll need about 5 minutes to fill out all the important deets. We will ask for your license information, address, and all that good stuff. Note: at this point, there will be a *temporary* $50 hold placed on your card. We pinky-swear that it is temporary and will be released in 24-74 hours, depending on your bank. (It'll be worth it!)

3. Take your first trip!

Once you've submitted your license and payment info, you'll be approved to drive! Now it's time to take your first trip. #Yas!

You have access to 500 cars. Which one will you pick? Where will you go? Simply open your app, and find the Gig closest to you. Drive to Home Depot, the beach, San Francisco, Rancho Cucamonga... technically anywhere in the U.S.! You'll just need to return it to the HomeZone when you're done.

4. End your trip

When you want to end your trip, no need to bring the car back to a specific spot. You can drop it at almost any metered or street-parking spot in the HomeZone or in the designated lots in San Francisco.

Just hit END YOUR RESERVATION on the app, or tap your Gig Card on the windshield reader until it turns green. That’s it. Really.


Where can I park?

Get out, come back. Want to get out of the car without ending your trip? Make a stopover. Just hit PARK AND COME BACK on the app. You can make a stopover anywhere, even outside the HomeZone.

Park for free in the HomeZone at two-hour or more public, metered, and residential permit spaces. No need to feed the meter! Just don’t park within 12 hours of street sweeping, avoid construction zones and handicap spots.

BART stations. Look for dedicated parking spaces reserved for Gig cars at BART stations within the HomeZone.

There are also satellite HomeZones, such as at the Oakland Airport Park 'N Fly lot, and several parking lots in San Francisco.

How does pricing work? 

  1. Less than an hour. Gig charges $2.50/mile. So if you're one mile from work, you only pay $2.50. 
  2. Between 1 and 6 hours. The rate is $15/hour.
  3. 6 - 24 hours. This is our day rate at $85/day. No extra charges for mileage unless you exceed 250 miles. 

If I "park and come back," do I pay for that time?

Yes, the clock will continue to run during that time. But you can rest easy knowing that the Gig is out waiting for you. 😀If you've already paid the full-day rate you might as well keep the car since if you end your trip you'll be charged all over again.

What else should I know?

  • We currently have Golden Gigs (marked by gold pins on the app) that will give you *special, discounted rates* on trips under an hour. Hurry and grab one before your neighbor does!
  • Be sure to grab a phone charger, avoid the anxiety of having a low-battery while adventuring in your Gig.
  • Furry friends are 100 percent welcome, but they need to be in carriers to avoid accessive pet hair and clean up costs.
  • GIG CarShare is a product from AAA and provides basic insurance coverage to our members. In the unfortunate incident of an accident in which our member is at-fault that member is responsible for up to $750 in damages or $250 for AAA members. If the incident is particularly negligent (driving while under the influence or committing crimes) GIG Car Share has the legal right to pursue full damages from the member. So don't use our cars as getaway vehicles in your big jewel heist. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our member agreement, so we avoid any nasty surprises.
  • We have a killer customer car team ready and waiting to take your call. Anytime reach out for the help you need (800) 464-0889.

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