April 22 is Earth Day 🌏

More than a billion people in more than 193 nations participate in Earth Day activities. First held in 1970, it’s the largest civic observance in the world, and includes a wide range of events created to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Shared cars not only reduce the number of vehicles on the road, their use encourages a behavioral shift towards more sustainable, eco-friendly transportation. One-way car sharing has been proven successful by removing between seven and eleven private vehicles from local neighborhoods.*

To date, our Members have taken over 1 million trips in our cars. That’s good news for our community and our environment. Thank you for your support, and for using car sharing as a mode of transportation. We are doing this together. πŸŽ‰

At Gig, we take the health of our planet very seriously. All Gig cars are either electric or hybrid models. Today, and every day, we honor our the earth. Watch our 4-year Anniversary video to learn more about our impact.

Here are 20 things we can all do to make a difference every day πŸ’š

🌎  Utilize eco-friendly transportation methods like bikes and hybrid and electric vehicles (hey, that’s us!)

🌎  Combine trips if possible - grab your groceries while you are out! 

🌎  Enjoy (and respect) nature - make sure to pick up and dispose of your trash properly

🌎  Use a refillable water bottle

🌎  Bring reusable bags to the store

🌎  If possible, choose organic and local foods that are in season

🌎  Try to avoid purchasing items with excess packaging

🌎  Turn your water heater down to 120˚F

🌎  Turn off lights and unplug devices when you’re not using them

🌎  Recycle or repurpose as much as possible

🌎  Drive efficiently - use the accelerator lightly, coast to red lights, and stay near the speed limit

🌎  If possible, buy vintage or recycled clothing at consignment shops

🌎  Look for Energy Star products when shopping for appliances, lighting, office equipment or electronics

🌎  Use the cold water cycle for washing your clothes 

🌎  Support companies that are environmentally responsible and sustainable

🌎  Have a garden? Consider installing a drip irrigation so that plants receive only what they need

🌎  Insulate and seal your home to reduce drafts and air leaks

🌎  Install low-flow shower heads

🌎  Be mindful of what you really need - downsize what you purchase

🌎  Support your local farmers markets, bulk food stores, and/or community gardens

*Susan Shaheen, 2015, UC Berkeley-Transportation Sustainability Research Center

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