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It’s not totally crazy to drive to San Francisco, if you do it right

Yes, traffic across the bridge is a nightmare and parking is bad enough to make a hot crowded BART ride the preferred means into San Francisco from the East Bay. However, we’re working hard to provide Bay Area commuters and adventure seekers more options for getting where they need to go.

Here are a couple situations taking a Gig might be your best bet for trans-bay travel.

After-work hangouts or weekend excursions: If you work in the East Bay but want to meet up with friends for dinner and a show in SF, a Gig is an excellent option for getting there. Thanks to our 12 designated lots peppered throughout the city’s most popular neighborhoods you don’t have to worry about finding parking. Have a few drinks during your night on the town? No worries. Leave the car and take a ride-hailing service, train or bus home.

Early morning commute: It’s no secret getting into the City for work can be a hassle. But if you leave before 6 a.m., you can make it across the bridge in less than 15 minutes. If you’re leaving a little later use Casual Carpool to pick up some passengers. Once again, not having to worry about where to park when you get to the City is huge!

Free parking, free gas, free insurance–hard to beat that with a stick.

So next time you’re planning a trip into San Francisco don’t forget Gig.

More on using Gig in SF.

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