Must-Gig List: Coffee Shops

They can be your morning pick-me-up, break in the middle of the day, place to catch up with friends, or spot to study for exams; coffeehouses give us many reasons to get in a Gig and visit. The brilliantly crafted cups ☕ of pure bliss, in hot or iced form, always keep us coming back for more. 🥰

Explore the phenomenal coffee brewing in our SF Bay Area and Seattle HomeZones. We've listed some of our favorites below. Now just grab a Gig 🚙, and start sipping!

SF Bay Area

Sightglass Coffee
There are three locations in SF to enjoy dynamic Sightglass coffee, with 270 7th Street being the flagship. That space houses their production roastery, open coffee bar, community space, and company headquarters.

The Coffee Movement
Bringing the communal vibe and celebratory nature of coffee culture from Australia to the United States was how The Coffee Movement began. There are two SF locations to choose from at 1030 Washington Street and 1737 Balboa Street.

Artís Coffee
Over in Berkeley at 1717 4th Street, Artís aims to take you on a coffee journey from seed to sip. They offer the finest selections from around the world, sustainably and ethically sourced.

Timeless Coffee
A 100% plant-based coffee roastery and bakery since 2012, Timeless vows to share its passion for great coffee and the positive benefits of eating vegan. There are three locations to visit in Oakland.


Victrola Coffee Roasters
When Victrola opened in 2000, the little 15th Avenue neighborhood had a big need for great coffee and a space for friends to hang out. Now in its third decade, these innovative roasters have grown to seven locations in all.

Monorail Espresso
Founded in 1980 as the world's first espresso cart, Monorail has established itself as a Seattle coffee icon, growing to five locations, with each serving the same celebrated custom blend from its origination 40+ years ago.

Coffeeholic House
After coming to Seattle from Vietnam, the Coffeeholic founders could not find coffee like back home, so they created it with the city's first Vietnamese coffee shops at 3700 S Hudson Street and 8525 Greenwood Avenue N. There is also a third location in Bellevue at 10000 Main Street Suite 103.

Analog Coffee
In the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle at 235 Summit Avenue E, Analog serves a rotating cast of exceptional local roasters and a dose of nostalgia with comic books, vinyl records, and newspapers on the wall.

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