Charging Your Electric Gig Just Got Easier

Need to Charge Your Electric Gig?

Good news! We’ve just made charging your Electric Gig easier and faster. When you start your charge in the app, Gig will cover the cost directly. No need to submit a receipt. And, more good news - our app will walk you through the entire process.

Important to note:

  • Don’t let your Gig battery charge fall under 70 miles of range.
  • Only charge your Gig in outside locations.

Find the Closest Charging Station

Look for a text and email from Gig at the beginning of your Electric Gig trip. Click the link to access the web app and find charging stations near you. Once you’re at the station, pull up to an available charger. Select the charger in the app, connect your vehicle, then swipe to start charging. Gig will cover the cost directly. No need to submit a receipt.

Know Your Chargers

Different kinds of chargers will charge your vehicle at different rates. DC fast chargers can take about an hour and a half to get to full charge. Level 2 chargers are good for a slight top-off (they’ll give you about 10 to 20 miles for an hour of charging). Open the charge port, located in front of the driver's door and connect the charger. The car horn will chirp when it's connected correctly. Swipe to start charging. Hang tight, it could take up to 30 seconds to start your charge.

End Your Charging Session

You will see the battery percentage of your charging vehicle on your app. We recommend that you charge up to 80% (though you can charge up to 100% if you'd like to). Unplug the connector and return it to the charger.

You've Charged Your Gig!

You're all done! Your car has been charged, and we've taken care of the payment. No need to send us your receipt.

Additional Chargers

Check out PlugShare to find other charging stations near you. Pay upfront, snap a pic of your receipt and submit it for a refund here.

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