We’re here for trips that follow safety guidelines. Please help us protect our community by wearing a proper face covering and bringing wipes to disinfect your Gig before/after each ride.

Beta Tester Guide

What is GIG Car Share?

Gig is carsharing made easy. Gig is a free-floating one-way car rental service within a specific zone. With Gig, you unlock the car with the mobile app, get in and go. Unlike other car shares, with Gig, you don’t have to return your car where you initiated the booking. You can pick up a car in Land Park, drive over to Midtown Farmers Market and end your trip with free parking.  

Having successfully launched this service in the Bay area with a fleet of Toyota Prius’, we will now be offering this service in Sacramento, this time, with a fleet of all-electric Chevy Bolts.

Beta Tester Guide

Thank you for serving as a Gig beta tester, we will be testing the free floating service within a smaller HomeZone.

We’re here to help, call or email us any time if you have any questions at membersupport@gigcarshare.com or (800) 464-0889.

What is the HomeZone?

At our official launch, the GIG Car Share service will have an established service area (Gig’s “HomeZone”) where members can pick up the car and end the booking. See image below.

For this beta test, we will be limiting our HomeZone to a smaller footprint so we can replicate the same vehicle density we plan to have for our official launch. See image of HomeZone during the Beta below:

How will it work?
  1. Download the app, get in and go!  Just be sure to end your trip within the Beta Home Zone (the blue shading on the map in the app).
  2. Within the Beta HomeZone, you can park at almost any legal space for free!  That’s right, no putting coins in a meter or hanging up permit zone tags. This means you can leave your car at: 
    Any metered parking spot
    Any unmetered parking spot
    Any residential parking permit zones
    **Free parking only available in areas listed as one-hour or longer. (i.e. no 15 minute zones)
    No restricted zones
    No red zones
    No parking in spots during street sweeping or restricted times

    If for some reason you do get a parking ticket after abiding by city parking guidelines, please place the parking ticket in the glove box and we’ll handle the rest.
  3. If you travel and park the car outside the Beta HomeZone, please pay for parking as you normally would. Note, you won’t be able to end the booking outside the Beta HomeZone, but you can lock the car and come back to the car once you’re ready.  
Beta Tester Checklist
  1. At the end of each week, complete that week’s beta tester survey and get additional credits to continue driving. You will need to take at least 3 rides per week with Gig in order to provide qualitative feedback in our surveys.  
  2. Be ready to answer some questions over the phone. Our Member Support will reach out to you a few times during the beta phase. Be sure to pick up, the area code (801) will be from Utah. The incoming number could also be from (800) 464-0889 or (800) 222-4357.
  3. Call us or email us any time you have any questions at membersupport@gigcarshare.com or (800) 464-0889.
How to take a trip?
  1. In the app, click on the image of you car which will begin the Reservation.  You will then have 30 minutes to get into the car.
  2. When you go to your car, click the “Unlock” button on the app to unlock your car.  At that point, the car is considered Booked.
  3. After you park the car, you will either select “Lock” and end your booking or select “Park and Come Back”.  Note, you will need to select “Park and Come Back” whenever you park outside the official HomeZone.  
  4. For further explanation on making stops and ending trips, please refer to our blog post.
What about charging a car?

You will not be required to charge the car within the HomeZone.  If you decide to go for a longer trip outside the HomeZone which requires charging the car, you’re free to do so.  During Beta Testing, any costs for charging your Electric Gig will be reimbursed, in the form of Gig credits. Sound expensive? It’s not. A full battery charge on the Chevy Bolt (200 mile range) typically costs less than $15. Just keep your receipts from the electric charging station, and email membersupport@gigcarshare.com for your credit.

What is a Gig Card and how do I use it?

The Gig card is an RFID card which acts as a backup key for locking and unlocking the car if you have poor or no cell service.  Please keep this card with you during the beta trial.

To create a spontaneous reservation with your card, go up to a car with a green light and hold the Gig card to the light on the lower right of the windshield until you see a blinking blue light.

Once the light goes orange and you hear the doors unlock, you are free to go on your adventure with your Gig.

  • To lock/unlock during a booking, tap the Gig card on the windshield sensor until you hear the lock/unlock sound.
  • To end booking, tap and hold the Gig card until the light blinks blue (note care might lock before light turns blue).  Wait for the blue light to turn green to confirm successful close of rental.
  • Green -- Car is available
  • Orange -- Car is booked and in an active rental
  • Blue - Car is communicating with server
  • Red - Communication failed

Make sure the light stays orange after you lock the car with your Gig card when you plan to park and come back.  If the light goes back to Green, you have ended the booking.

Where do I park?

Parking needs to be in 1+ hour zones. Within the HomeZone, you can park at any legal and not otherwise restricted space, which includes metered and unmetered spaces or residential parking permit areas, but only where the time-duration limits are one hour or longer.  Check for red, blue, or yellow zones and street signs to make sure you’re not parked before any street sweeping restrictions. For example, there are some spaces where there is no parking between 7-9 am and between 4-6 pm for passenger loading and/or temporary traffic lanes. GIG members should not terminate a session in one of those zones, in case the vehicle is not used by another member, by the time the restriction period rolls around.

How to reach us?


What is the range of Chevy Bolts?

200 miles. Keep in mind, this will vary depending on driving habits, how cold it is, traffic conditions, use of in-car electronics including AC/heat, seat heaters etc. The display will show a high, mid, and low range to give you a better idea of how many miles are remaining.   

What is Bluetooth and how does it lock and unlock my Gig?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a low-power wireless technology used to securely connect your phone to your Gig. Bluetooth makes locking and unlocking fast and reliable when using the app, especially if you're in an area with poor or no cell service.

My Bluetooth isn’t connecting. What do I do?

Bluetooth works best within 30 feet of your Gig. If you are within 30 feet and are still having trouble, confirm that Bluetooth is turned on and try moving closer to the car. You can always use your Gig card as a backup key.

What do I do if I need roadside assistance?

Press the Member Support button in the app for 24/7 support, or call us at (800) 464-0889.

What do I do if I get into an accident or there is an emergency situation?

Don’t panic. Make sure everyone is safe first, and if anyone is injured, call 911.

When it is safe to do so, immediately report the accident by calling or by pressing the Member Support button in the app. Failure to immediately report the accident could prevent you from receiving coverage under the Third Party Liability Insurance. Please do not drive the car after an accident.

Help. I'm in the car and it has locked itself, but I haven't even started it yet!

You have 5 minutes to start the car after you unlock. Not enough time? No sweat. If the car locks, just hit "Unlock" again in the app.

Can I play my own music?

You can stream your music through Bluetooth® or use the Entune™ app for Pandora® or your personal iHeartRadio station.


How is driving an EV different than driving a Hybrid?

A hybrid car uses a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine as the main power source.  The electric motor is used to complement the combustion engine. Electricity is generated on board.  

An EV uses a battery-powered electric motor as the main power service.  The engine is used to complement the electric motor and extend the range. Electricity is supplied externally through a charging station.

Conserving Energy

In colder weather, or on a steep hill, cars will tend to use more electric charge. In addition, using the AC/heat, radio, seat warmers and all the electronics in the car use electricity and can all impact the total range.


Not that you’ll need to charge during the beta test, but just in case, here are instructions on how to charge the Chevy Bolt:

Charge Light
  • If the green light on the dashboard is solid green the car is 100% charged.  
  • Make sure the car in unlocked to remove charge cord. Use app or Gig card to unlock the car if it is locked. Unlocking the car turns off the theft alarm for the charge cord.
  • To remove the charge cord press the button on top of the handle pull it off.
  • Flashing green - means still charging.
Unplug and Start
  • Unplug the charge cord by pulling on the trigger and pulling rearward (toward you) on the plug.
  • Start the car by pushing the POWER button with the brake pedal depressed. You will hear an audible “zoom” sound.

Note, this vehicle is very quiet. There is no engine sound. When the car is “on”, all the gauges turn on and the displays illuminate.

Seat/Mirror Adjustments
  • Adjust the seat and mirrors per the owner manual instructions. The steering wheel adjusts in/out and up/down via a lever at the base of the column.
  • The driver’s seat adjuster handle fore/aft is under the seat on the right side. Recline and up/down levers are on the left outboard side of the seat.
Check the Range

Directly in front of the driver there should be a display illuminated and the RANGE shown. Calculate the miles to your destination. Will the range get you there and back with 20-30 miles to spare? If not find a charging station along your route.

Gear Selection
  • For REVERSE squeeze shifter button on the side of the shifter and move lever forward then left.
  • For DRIVE squeeze button, move shifter rearward.
  • For PARK push the”P” button on top of the shifter
Driving the Bolt EV
  • When slowing down notice deceleration is strong and deliberate. The electric motor can regenerate electricity.
  • When slowing down more electricity and be regenerated into the battery by pulling on the regen paddle on the left side of the steering wheel. The vehicle will slow down more dramatically.
  • Regen paddle does not eliminate the need to use the regular braking system.
  • On the center driver information screen bring up the power flow screen to see the electron flow out and into the battery.

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